Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Don't Worry

My day has been mainly of me taking a practice ACT math test, skimming over the ACT science, and looking up a few random and not so random things on the internet. After having the house to myself for most of the day, I got in the car, turned the radio on, and ran an errand for my amazing mom. I was exited to get out of the house, and just not think of the future. As I came back, the radio hostess was talking about a challenge that is currently going on, and said that today's challenge was to not worry. 
I start my senior year of school next week, and am about to start cramming everything I can for the October ACT test. With the possibility of going to college next fall, and trying to get a couple jobs, and still be calm and listen to God,  I easily start freaking out and worrying about what's in the future. But things like this, where God uses the radio and a certain song or two, remind me that I shouldn't worry.
                   "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is no life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?" Matthew 6:25-27

All the songs I've listened to in the past 30 minutes have basically been about trusting God, living for God, and to not worry. One that I enjoyed, What You Want by Tenth Avenue North, came on, and I just wanted to share some of the lyrics:

Everyday, I've been feeling the pressure
I always gotta know the plan
It's a weight that I've tried to shoulder
I thought I could, but I can't
And I'm so tired of chasing dreams
When I am wired to let you lead

You're changing my heart
To want what You want
To love how You love
And that is enough
There's no greater plan
That I need to know
You only ask me to follow

We shouldn't try to take so much control in our lives, that we don't let God continue to guide us. In our world, we often think that the more control we have, the better, when it just causes more stress for us in the end.
                                "Turn our worries in to prayers," -Amanda Carrol.
Every time you worry about something, send a prayer up. God listens to you. The Creator of the world, hears you. Don't be afraid of the future, because God has a wonderful plan for you.

~Whatever you are going through, don't give in to the worry and fear. Choose to follow God, and He will show you. All you have to do is trust.~

Friday, August 12, 2016

A Tag of Various Questions

So, I have finally come back to the land with internet. I will soon do a post of what I did in Russia with pictures and stuff, but since I have a couple different tags I have to catch up on I am doing one here. (Thanks Raechel for tagging me!)

Name: S-----.  :D
Age: 75 (not really, but I'm not at a liberty to tell)
Role model: the Christian women in my life.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, dreaming, pinteresting (if that's even a word), genealogy, researching, collecting, reading (yes, I do this a lot), hiking, rafting.
Crush: *nervous laugh* Not gonna tell.  :)
Best friend: You mean there's only one?
Favorite band: Band. so more than one singer?...For King and Country, Anthem Lights, Love and the Outcome, Newsboys and many others
Favorite Song: That's like asking my what's my favorite book! I've been listening to Come Thou Fount (All Sons and Daughters) a lot lately.
Favorite Movie: Family favorite is Princess Bride. I know most of it by heart. Out of newer movies, I really enjoyed Finest Hours. That was a good one
Favorite animal:  :D Haha. I do not have one favorite animal (much to my sister's disappointment) but these are my top favorites: cat, horse, dog, dolphin.
Favorite subject: History.
Pens or pencils? A pencil. (for all those mistakes I do)  :)
Summer or winter: WINTER! I love snow, hot cocoa, being wrapped in a blanket, and fires.
Tea or coffee: Um.. So I'm one of those weird people who isn't a must have coffee or tea. If both have cream and sugar I'll drink it, but not without...So I'll go with Sweet Tea
Good day or bad day: It's been a good day. It was hot, but I was at a pool.
Birthday: The end of winter
Tag the follower you’ve known the longest: My sister.
Tag five of your best internet friends: I'm pretty sure they've already done it
Something that makes you happy: stars, music, sweets, hanging out with family/friends
Something you’re looking forward to: Winter! New movies and books coming out, my new cousin, trying to learn the guitar/piano better.
Tell a story in one sentence: There once was a princess and her prince, and they lived happily ever after.
Nominate any number of people: You! if you'd like to do this tag, then go ahead. Let me know so I can check it out

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I haven't posted here in a while, but better late than never, right?  :)

 Life Update:

This past week has been crazy, but overall a good week. We had an event at my church and WE GOT TO TOUCH AND PHOTOGRAPH A LEGIT TORAH MANUSCRIPT!!!!!!! (If you can't tell, I was/am really excited) It was really amazing seeing in person the Scriptures and a Torah scroll that was over 600 years old. (along with other relics) I never realized how much work was put into the copying the Scriptures to keep them accurate. Still WOW about getting to see a Hebrew manuscript in person.

A favorite authoress is mine (aka Jenny L Cote) came up to Virginia to spend time at Red Hill. My sister and I met up with her and some others to have dinner and then attended her writing workshop the following day. She's so nice, and I'm excited for her next book(s) about the Revolutionary War.

Right now I'm trying to prepare for Russia: visa, language, ticket, money, etc. I'm about halfway to my goal. I'm excited to go and can't wait!  :)  This summer is going to be really cool: evangelizing in another country (aka Russia), and going back into wonderful Canada (how my ancestors were able to leave that beautiful country, I'll never know)  ;)
School is coming to an end next week. Weird to think I'll be done after next year, but it has been fun going to a co-op. Can actually get a yearbook with someone other than just me and my sister. ;)
On a sad note, my childhood cat, Princess, disappeared a week ago. Hoping she decided to just travel a little farther from home than normal.

And I'm co-hosting a writing contest with other bloggers! Really excited and I am hoping for some great entries! Check it out on my other blog!

Hope you all have a wonderful week, and to put my limited Russian in use: "Paka!" 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Flash Fiction

Here is the link to my Flash Fiction Challenge I took part of this month. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Friday, January 22, 2016

Just a Ramble on Snow

Our winter here in Virginia has looked pretty sad. 70 degree weather, rain on Christmas day, and only a speck of snow on the "coldest" day of 2015 winter. But today we got great news! A HUGE storm decided to visit us. It's only been snowing for a few hours and it now looks like this:

So that is what my day has looked like so far. My "baby" sister and cousin will have their first big snow storm they'll remember this year. (skiing on the streets)

Hope those of you who are in the snow that you have fun, and will be safe on the roads. For the rest of you, enjoy your weekend! (Don't forget to grab a cup of hot chocolate!)   :)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pastor Saeed is free!!!!!

After three long years Pastor Saeed is finally coming home! He should be arriving on American soil in only a few hours. Praise God for Saeeds release!!!!
Pray that Saeed's testimony will be a light for others, and that Saeed will have a smooth transition and recovery from coming home.

Please also continue to pray for Asia Bibi, as she has been in jail since 2009.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


This year has been really amazing. Though there have been hardships, God has really blessed my family. Here is just a little of what I've done this year

Jan: went to a murder mystery dinner -that was fun!
Feb: A HUGE hiking trip with my dad, suppose to be 50, but I think it was like 25 in the end do to the huge snowstorm we got. (which I was so thankful for because I was exhausted)  :)
Mar: Ice climbed in Lynchburg, quite the experience!
My sweet sixteen we went up to New Hampshire to ice climb, stopped in MA to visit family and got some pics that were my great grandparents
We got chickens! (after years of asking my parents finally agreed. I don't think they regret it)  ;)
Apr: Jenny Cote came to Lynchburg! (She's one of my favorite authors. She's so nice)
May: UMA girls got to meet Natalie Grant, and I got to tag along as well. Really cool experience seeing them get to met her personally.
June: Went to Divisionals, along with Savvy, in our "new" RVto Illinios, as well as getting to see a good friend in Chicago area.
Climbed in the New River Gorge.
Summer camp with UMA, good and sad time there.
July: Our amazing RV adventure begins!!!
Savvy climbed at nationals, and celebrated Mamma's birthday in the beginning of the month.
Visited my uncle in OK, that was really cool, even found a fossil!
Went to Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and the Arches (which I visited by myself because no one wanted to see them.
Stayed near the Sawtooths in Idaho, didn't realize there was such a beautiful place there!
Oh! And before I forget, which I won't, my family left me while I went to get postcards (Disclaimer: I told them ALL before I went in. Any responsibility is not on my shoulders)
I climbed Mt.Rainier with my dad, really beautiful and cool, wish it was always like that but it isn't.
Aug: Visited the Olympic coast (so pretty)
Climbed Smith Rock (wouldn't suggest climbing there in the middle of summer, unless you decide to only climb in the small section of the shade there)
Stayed at an AMAZING horse farm in Canada, met an amazing couple who are so very hospitable and kind. (their horses where in Catching Fire movie)
Got my first REAL hot springs experience.
Climbed another mountain with daddy, and did my first outdoor lead.
Visited Devil's Tower, and visited friends in IL and MI.
Sept: Savvy may or may not have gotten a miniature horse for her birthday.  ;)
Oct: Got to see Jefferson Bethke speak at Liberty (!!!)
UMA fall retreat -really fun being the cook for the weekend.
Nov: Izzy turned 4. Visited the Cabin, made Thanksgiving food.
Dec: Visited friends, For Christmas we ate at a Waffle House and Chinese restaurant (lunch and dinner) a bit different than normal but fun.

Thanks God for making all this possible. Thank you Daddy and Mamma for working so hard to give us a great opportunity. To my good friends Chloe, Aubrey, Sami, and others, thanks for being there for me, and even though the distance is huge, it's good knowing you're there.
Hope everyone's 2016 is a year full of blessings, miracles, and joy!