Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When will God speak to me?

  • Many times we all think to ourselves "I don't want to do that" or "I am to busy to do that right now."
  • Then we wonder later if it might have been the Holy Spirit tugging our body to do it.
  • I read a story about a lady who was bringing purses to the homeless, and she knew they would want big ones, but she threw in a small little pink one any way. Later that little pink purse found its way into the hands of a six year old girl. The lady was then glad she brought it, and thanked God for telling her to bring it.
  • We all wonder if God or the Holy Spirit will ever speak to us, and He does. It is the gentle nudging we feel that tell us to do something or tell someone a word, and God is speaking to you there.
  • He speaks to us everyday, and we just have to listen.
  • The Lady in the story is Jen Hatmaker, and I ask that you go to this website where you can read that story and more. http://jenhatmaker.com/blog/2012/04/02/the-easter-conundrum-part-#.T3y1VlL0PNA.facebook  
  • I hope you have a wonderful day and you will try to listen to God more often from here on out.

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  1. Well said Sunshine ~ I know He wants to speak to us all, but especially to those who are quick to obey what He says....and you dear are one of those. :) I love you so much!


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