Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Would Jesus Do?

  • WWJD? How many of us take that to heart?
  • We sometimes do things we regret after doing, and yet whenever we are in a circumstance we never seen to even think of it.
  • We need to bring the saying "What Would Jesus Do?" everyday, and in everything we do. We all need to be more like Jesus. Somebody once said "Christian is just a title. Everyone can say they are a Christian, and yet the never are". How many actually serve God? How many really believe in Him?
  • I was outside last night talking to God, and I realized. How many people are actually real in the faith and are going to heaven? SO many questions were similar to that and I wondered how many people were going to be saved from Gods wrath. When I had talked to someone the other day I asked."If you died today. Would you go to heaven or hell?" There are so many people who think they will get to heaven for there good deeds, but that is not so! Jesus clearly stated in the Bible that the only way to get to heaven is through Him! There are many deaf ears,"He who has ears let him hear!". That saying was spoken from Jesus very often in the Bible.
  • I wondered and wonder what can I do more for Jesus. Who died for me... How can I serve him more and what have I done for him.
  • What would you say if Jesus came back right now? Would you be ready? Jesus said"Nobody knows the day or the hour except for the Father". All of us need to be ready for Jesus because it will come like "A thief sneaking through the night".
  • Are you ready for Jesus?  

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  1. Very True words. I am proud of you for sharing your faith with others, but more-so, Your Father is the proudest :) I love you!


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