Friday, April 13, 2012

Worship=Praise=Music to God's ear

  •  Last night we brought the kids from our neighborhood to a concert. The singers was Humble Tip, Xedus, and Advocate. It was a different type of music than our family is use to listening, but is was a memorable time worshiping the Lord through it all
  • It was a wonderful experience in the beginning, when people shared their talent, and one man, Cedric Peerman, shared his testimony.
  • It is through everything we sing to our God that is music to his ears.
  • Everyday we need to sing praise to our Creator. We would not be here if not for him.
  • I love to sing to Him everyday. Even if it is just a piece of a song or it is some type of worship I have made up in my heart just for Him.
  • Amy Grant has a wonderful way in singing "Better Than A Hallelujah" so please listen. 

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