Saturday, May 19, 2012

AHhhh.....Relaxing at last.

  • Today I helped with DoD and it was wonderful! I really enjoyed it. I was stationed next to my best friend making and serving popcorn, and make a few snow cones (that was my friends' job, but we shared together). I have no idea how many popcorn bags or snow cones we gave away, but it was a lot! Right now I am lying in my bed relaxing from all the work we did today. It might seem that it wasn't a lot of work, but Oh boy you are soooo wrong! Put yourself in our position, and you are working together making snow cones/popcorn and person after person comes up to you for both. Some saying "cherry and blue raspberry" (the flavor snow cones) or "Popcorn please", and last but not least "Can I have some more juice?" (the flavor again). It was very messy as well. If you ever say you will help with snow cones (or will be right next to some) BEWARE! Wear messy clothes all the way down to the shoes. I had the unfortunate mistake of wearing my best tennis shoes that I just got in March, and I wasn't very excited about getting them covered with syrup. But, if you are up for adventure and having fun go for it!
  • I hope everyone is enjoying themselves today on Saturday. God Bless!

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