Thursday, May 3, 2012

Being Thankful and Praying

  • Today we were cleaning and cutting some of the strawberries we picked with the girls in our neighborhood yesterday. It made me VERY thankful that we have running water. Mamma was telling me about her time in Haiti that they had to wash clothes and dishes by hand, and that it took a long time. The Lord has really blessed our home. I have a loving family, a clean bed with sheets, a roof over my head, food, and more. I could spend all day naming things that God has given my family and me.
  • Please pray for our brothers and sisters, and our Government. Just because today is the National Day of Prayer doesn't mean we can't pray for everyone everyday. The apostle Paul says in his letters that he was praying for them. He prayed all the time! I can't even imagine how much praying he did. But, I do know that I do not pray the amount he prayed! I made a reminder for me to pray for the persecuted church, and it is a project/craft at the same time. I took a "Who Will You Pray for Today"  map, that is a poster, from Voice Of the Martyrs,, and then I wrote down all of the names of the people that are in prison (that VOM knows about). Voice of the Martyrs have a couple different websites, but if you go to you can find out about christian prisoners. 
  • I hope that you have a wonderful day, and God bless!!!  

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