Thursday, May 17, 2012

buzzzzy bizzzy busy

  • Tomorrow I am going to help with Day Of Difference! Day Of Difference is an outreach from the local churches to our neighborhood. They do things like fix up people's homes, pick up trash, games for the kids, free haircuts, and more. I am very excited. Then on Sunday night the youth group from our church is going to sing Rise Up and Glorious Day. I am so VERY excited to do Rise Up with a dance too. I am still getting use to the dance and the words to the music, but I think I  have almost all of it.
  • I have been looking at a program called Mango that our library is doing online. It is very cool. there are MANY languages there. The language I have been looking at is Spanish (since that is the language Daddy wants me to learn before anything after English). It sometimes doesn't seem that English is the hardest language to learn, but I think that I can see how that is possible. It is hard to imagine what it would be like if everyone spoke one language (tower of Babel).
  • The weather yesterday was wonderful, and is suppose to be nice the rest of this week (which I am VERY excited for!) Also another big wonderful thing. I finished 1 John 3!!!!! I am so excited! Now all I have to do is write Proverbs 3 down on index cards and begin.
  • I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  

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