Friday, May 4, 2012

Forgetting My Anger Control

  • Me and my sister got in a really bad argument last night. It was over a really silly thing, just asking me to turn the light out and I repeatedly refused. I made her so mad that she spit on me, and asked me again why I didn't turn the light out very rudely. I was just about to answer "I don't do things for a rude sister, and one who spits on me". When all of the sudden it hit me. Jesus was spit upon and killed, and he still loved those who percecuted him. He loves everyone and he wants christians to follow his example, and I am not doing that, when I myself am being rude and not being patient, kind or loving. I am not worth anything without God because he is the one who made me. So today I tried as hard as I could to be patient, and I still didn't act like Christ. I was trying to see if my baby foster sister would go to sleep again, and my sister came in the room and wouldn't leave for the second time. I asked her to leave, but when she didn't things turned bad. After that I held the baby while I was doing my math and told my foster sister (who will be 6 months the 8th of this month) "I can't let this go on all day now can I?" I didn't expect her to open the door, but she did! So I went into the bathroom where me and my sister discussed everything and we both apologized and we are still friends.
  • So PLEASE try not to get in arguments with your siblings. It ruins your whole day, and when that happens I do not enjoy it.

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