Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week Adventure!

  • Sunday was the last day for Day of Difference. I had a wonderful time helping out. I helped with every part of the bulletins: printing, folding, folding other bulletins, putting different bulletins inside other bulletins, and handing out bulletins.
  • The other day I also tried Princess Leia buns on me (hard to believe, but I wanted to try it anyway) They looked OK. I also watched a couple videos on hairdos today as well. I actually did one of them, and it is still on me as I type! I will try the other one tomorrow hopefully.
  • Just so you all know I thought I would let you know about a give away another blog is doing. (It is for two Canon Rebel camera's and a $100 gift card. here is the website:
  • Monday I planted some seeds that should pop up around 10 days. I planted lavender, aster, snapdragon, marigold, and two other flowers I don't know the names of, but they should be very pretty! Last time I did planting I didn't get to transplant, so they stayed in the planting box until they died (I forgot to water them EVERY day:( which it seems like they drank all their water before the end of the day.) This time I am not going to forget. Also they are in the ground so they should stay pretty moist.
  • I hope everyone has a wonderful day. God Bless!

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