Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wonderful Accomplishments

  • Yesterday was a wonderful day as we all celebrated Mother's Day. My gift to Mamma was a scrapbook I made of pictures of us together. Her favorite page was one with her in her wedding dress on a motorcycle and one with me on a small motorcycle in a white dress, and the page labeled "TWINS"
  • Our sunday school that morning was wonderful, and after church we had company over for a while, and then went over to a friends house to have a late lunch. I am going to memorize my 5 out of 6 index cards of 1 John 3! So tomorrow I should have mostly all of it memorized! I am so excited! I could quote to you what I have memorized, but you might find it boring to read all of my mistakes and not hear them in person, so you should just look it up yourself. I am reading from a NLT Bible if you are curious.
  • Today I got a 100% on my Math!!!! I am so happy. I have had scores from a 62-100 the 62 is probably from a bad day that I forgot everything. (whoops). When I learned that you had to be good at Math to become a pilot I went to work, and I try as hard as I can at math. But, the one thing I am not so good at is English. I LOVE writing stories (on my own), but English is not one I am good at. 
  •  Don't you feel good when you know that you did something wonderful? (not like when your little sister is trying to make surprise cookies and uses 1 and a 1/2 bottles of vanilla, 1 bag of chocolate chips, sprinkles, and other things that make it look like deer poo.) ;) But when you do something that makes someone else happy......especially God! :)

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