Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Does the Cross Mean to You???

  • It has been a fun week and more adventures are coming! #1 I ran for the first time 3min without stopping! I am soo very grateful for God giving me the strength there. #2 I got to lead climb last week! I am practicing while I'm clipped into two different ropes, but our coach/gym owner decided that if he belayed us we could lead belay on only one rope. #3 Tomorrow we are going on the river! I just love going on the river, it is one of my favorite activities. #4 Today is a beautiful day! Our whole family got to go on a walk, and it was just sooo fun! We were able to check out the train station at the end of one of the trails. My foster sister was having a awesome time as well in her pouch thing (you put it on so your baby can sit in the front of you). There are so many things God has blessed us with it is really hard to think of them all, and if we did we would do it for the rest of our lives.
  • Something happened the other day when we came back from our run. I found a cross that goes on a necklace. Well when I got home I got on my email and opened up my email devotion from Voice of the Martyrs. What it said is amazing...(I've highlighted the part that stuck out to me).
 “If you do not denounce this Jesus, you will die on the cross,” Governor Aegaeas fumed. This Christian had caused him personal embarrassment in the eyes of Rome by spreading Christianity throughout the governor’s Greek province and even to his own wife.
  •     “Had I feared the death of the cross, I should not have preached the majesty and glory of the Cross of Christ,” Andrew replied.
        “Then you shall have it! Crucify him!”
        As Andrew approached the X-shaped cross, he joyfully proclaimed, “O beloved cross! I rejoice to see you erected here. I come to you with a peaceful conscience and with cheerfulness, desiring that I, who am a disciple of him who hung on the cross, may be crucified. The nearer I come to the cross, the nearer I come to God.”
        Andrew hung, bound to the cross for three days, preaching and exhorting the people before him, “Remain steadfast in the Word and doctrine which you have received, instructing one another, that you may dwell with God in eternity, and receive the fruit of his promises.”
        Andrew declared, “O Lord Jesus Christ! Don’t let your servant who hangs here on a tree for your name’s sake be released to live among men again; receive me into your kingdom.” Then, having finished his plea, he gave up his spirit to God.

  • Porcelain. Sterling silver. Twenty-four karat gold. Even platinum. The cross comes in a number of designs today. Jewelry. Wall hangings. Even rearview mirror d├ęcor. The ubiquitous cross. For all its popularity, however, how many Christians have stopped to consider what it means to display the cross? For one, the cross represents an instrument of torture—imagine having a gallows or electric chair on display in your home! The cross reminds us that Christ died a painful death. Beyond that, it represents a bridge that spans over the sin that once separated God and his people. Jesus brought us back to God through the Cross. Right now, consider what meaning the Cross holds for you.
  • I hope everyone can think of blessings God has given them everyday. And when you see a cross you will think of Jesus- who died for YOU.

Friday, June 22, 2012

New River Gorge Experience and Seeking God

  • We had a wonderful time in West Virginia! We climbed on a 5.9 (a harder, but not the hardest route :) ).On the night that we were camping it started to downpoor. Well, it seemed that our tent (the one Savvy and I were sleeping in) was not repelling water. So all of it was coming inside and soon we had puddles in the corner of our tent. We finally went inside our van and spent the night all cozy and dry. In the morning we went to a place in the New River Gorge called Junkyard Trails. We set up all of our rock climbing stuff and I got on the wall on the 5.6 (a pretty easy climb inside) I got to this part of the rock they (climbers) call North Carolina (because of how its shaped) and I found out that it was just sitting there on the side of the rock. By now I had to climb on it and felt uncomfortable, because I felt I might pull it off. Daddy assured me I wouldn't and after a while of hesitation I finally climbed on it. By now it was pouring down rain, and it was not the best way to climb in the rain and all, but I had stayed on. It was getting more difficult climbing, and I almost came down, but after a bit I finally made it to the top and said "Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow could keep Soleil from reaching the top!" When I got down we went into a cave until the rain stopped and explored. The cave let out on the other side of the rock and Daddy, Savvy and I walked around looking at the rock and the climbs on it. After a while we went back to climb, and to end the day we had wings for supper. (I liked the BBQ the best).
  • A few things I need to ask for everyday. But, the most I need is wisdom and patience. Now I know everyone needs those, but not everyone has asked for it. I am not the best sister (Savvy will tell you) and my patience wears off easily, but it doesn't wear off as easily as it did. Wisdom I need so I think before I speak (or do). I will always do things that I am sorry for the next second, and that is usually hard stopping. When I opened up my devotion today (After I had ignored to open it in a while) I came upon this verse which was meant for me after I talked to the Lord just a minute before...  "You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all of your heart."  Jeremiah 29:13
  • Also I get devotions from Voice of the Martyrs and this is a small piece "'The Son of God was tortured and gave his life for me. Through him I can reach heaven. Can you pay a higher price than that?'" quote by Sabina Wurmbrand. If you want to read all of it I will copy it at the bottom of the post.
  • Here is a song that is stuck in my head
  • The repetition was maddening, and Sabina’s nerves were stretched to the breaking point. But the officer was unrelenting. “We have methods of making you talk which you won’t like. Don’t try to be clever with us. It wastes our time.”
  •     Their questions were aimed at getting her to reveal the names of other Christians—those whom she had mothered in the faith and encouraged to be strong in the face of persecution. Now it was her turn to be strong, but she didn’t think she could bear another one of those interrogation sessions.
        The next session was played with a gentler, craftier approach. The interrogator was alone and smiling. “Dear woman, you are only thirty-six years old, with your whole life before you. Just give us the names of the traitors.” Sabina remained silent.
        He continued, “Let’s talk practically. Everyone has his price, so why don’t you just name yours? Just tell us what you want. Freedom for you and your husband? A nice home and a church? We would take good care of your family.”
        Sabina responded with the fiery conviction, “Thank you, but I have sold myself already.”
        “You have?” the interrogator interrupted. “For how much and to whom?”
        “The Son of God was tortured and gave his life for me. Through him I can reach heaven. Can you pay a higher price than that?”

  • We expect teenagers to go through it. We say it’s a rite of passage. Yet we never think it will continue to plague us as adults. Peer pressure. It’s that all-too-familiar feeling of “being bought” by someone or something whenever we are tempted to compromise our values. After the deal is done, we feel like suckers. Fools. We feel cheap, having betrayed our own self-worth. However, Christ paid the ultimate price in order to win our affections. If everyone has a price, he named ours for us, once and for all. His purchase of blood makes us invaluable in his sight. You are already bought and paid for, so don’t sell yourself short. Remind yourself of that today.
  • God bless!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Laugh it out

  • My foster sister is so funny when she laughs! You can make her laugh at almost anything. Talking, spinning, singing, actions and more. 
  • Isn't it amazing how tiny babies can be? I just can't get over it. My foster sister is just sooo tiny! She is 7 months old and only weighs 14 pounds! She was born 1 month early weighing only 4 pounds and 9 ounces.   
  • Laughing is good medicine for anybody if you think about it. If you are mad and laugh you can't stay mad at all. If you ever get hurt and others laugh it might hurt your feelings, but if you think how it happened it is sometimes funny. Once when I was mad at Savvy she said something funny that made me laugh, and I couldn't be mad anymore.
  •  For Fathers day we are going to West Virginia and will camp and rock climb on the New River Gorge. So I will have lots to write about when we get back! 
  • Thank you everyone who follows me or writes comments! It is very encouraging that I am not just writing stuff no one ever reads. :) Please have a good day and God bless!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Few Songs

Here are a few songs that have been stuck in my head or I just like to share again.
God bless!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Relaxing At the Lake

  • I have had a very relaxing weekend. We went down to North Carolina to get away from everything here at our house. Not that it's bad or anything, but it is nice to get away from things every once and a while. We went to a friends lake house and it was wonderful! We got to be in the lake almost the whole time. Daddy, Savvy and I played wipeout on the big tube there, and Savvy and I won a couple rounds! We won the first time because Daddy didn't know what to expect, so we caught him off guard when we attacked him from top to bottom. We did a little fishing, and  I got to see some really big bass and a some trout. We also found huge muscles and some cool little fish.
  • Mamma and I are doing couch to 5k and we did the first step today. I am excited because I am not a good runner at all. It was raining when we were going to start so we had to cancel. I was disappointed and asked God to stop the rain so we could run, and He did! I am sooo very thankful he did because I had fun working out for 25 minutes.
  •  I am learning to lead climb, which is rock climbing with the rope below you and you have to hook into the quickdraws that are on the rock wall. I am excited about that as well.
  • Everyone have a wonderful day and God bless!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 4th

  • I forgot to mention that my sister made up a kids day. June 4th. I got her a lightsaber (we're big Star Wars fans) and she got me a slip n' slide that we have used 2 out of 3 days. I also made Mamma a corsage today all by myself without any coaching through. And guess where I got the rose and other things I put in it... From our yard!
  • Today we finished a movie about Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It is amazing that the war ended 2 weeks after he died. I also think it amazing that he was able to stand fast, and not give up information about what he was doing.
  • I hope you all will have a good day and will be a light to people around you.
  • God Bless!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Consider it pure joy

  • It has been a fun week! I don't know exatly were to start... I did my first official babysitting job June 2nd!  I was helping watch two 6 month olds and a 4 year old (I think). After that I watched China Cry. It is a very sad and touching story. I hope to read the book and get full detail on the life of the lady. I am not sure what her name is though. Mamma just bought me Jesus Calling for kids yesterday and I love it! I like how the author, Sarah Young, has written the devotion like God is talking to you. My devotion today was: "Worth Celebrating... Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds-James 1:2.      
  •  Consider problems as pure joy. That's not the way the world usually looks at problems, is it? The world says to do everything you can to avoid problems. But there is simply no way to avoid every problem, no matter how hard you try.
  • The best way to get through a difficult day is to hold My hand tightly and keep talking to Me. As we talk, be sure to tell Me you trust Me-and thank Me for My help. Ask Me to guide you through your problems and show you the blessings hidden in them.
  • The blessing of self-control can be learned for dealing with a difficult teacher. The blessing of patience can be learned from an illness. I teach you many things through your problems. I also use them to draw you closer you Me.
  • So yes, consider problems as pure joy, knowing that with Me by your side, they can become things worth celebrating
  • Read on you own: Philippians 4:13; Isaih 26:3"
  • I don't know about you, but that is a cool devotion. Here is another (email) devotion I got from Voice of the Martyrs
  • "Angela Cazacu was just an ordinary woman living in Romania during World War II when the Nazis invaded. All too quickly, life for Jews and Christians became a living terror. Angela kept busy stealing Jewish children from the ghettos and smuggling food and clothing to female Christian prisoners in the prisons around her city.
        Later, when the Nazis were driven out of her country and the Soviet army invaded, Angela was still busy spreading the message of God’s love by handing out Russian Bibles and New Testaments in train stations full of Soviet soldiers.
        When Pastor Richard Wurmbrand was a prisoner in the Tirgul-Ocna jail in the winter of 1951, he was severely ill. His skeletal body shivered from the constant cold of the worst winter on record. Each prisoner was allowed only one blanket, and food was scarce because no one was able to get to the prison through the heavy snow.
        It was during this bleak moment when Pastor Wurmbrand received a package containing desperately needed food and warm clothing that the pastor gladly shared with others. The package that he thought must have been delivered by an angel probably saved his life.
        Once again, Sister Angela (meaning “angel” in Romanian) was busily going about her Father’s business. Ordinary? Maybe. But God delights in using ordinary people as his angels of mercy.
  • Years ago, in response to the increasing news coverage of random acts of violence, a bumper sticker began to appear that suggested practicing “random acts of kindness.” An act of kindness or mercy to a stranger may be as seemingly insignificant as giving up a prime parking place at a shopping center or taking the time to make eye contact with the clerk at the store. However, God can use you to transform even the most ordinary act of kindness into a powerful gift of grace in someone else’s life. Ask God to help you commit a random act of kindness in his name today. You may never know it, but you might be someone’s 'angel.'"
  • When I was rockclimbing Sunday I was trying to work on this hard boulder problem (bouldering is when you are not using a rope) I was taking a break after trying the climb for a while, and while I was talking to Daddy I all the sudden made the move I was trying to do for a while now. I was so surprised that I got off the wall. I then figured out a way to climb most of the route and I only need to make one more move and then I should be able to get to the top. Amazing how God just gave me a push to get farther without me really asking him for the help. :)