Saturday, June 16, 2012

Laugh it out

  • My foster sister is so funny when she laughs! You can make her laugh at almost anything. Talking, spinning, singing, actions and more. 
  • Isn't it amazing how tiny babies can be? I just can't get over it. My foster sister is just sooo tiny! She is 7 months old and only weighs 14 pounds! She was born 1 month early weighing only 4 pounds and 9 ounces.   
  • Laughing is good medicine for anybody if you think about it. If you are mad and laugh you can't stay mad at all. If you ever get hurt and others laugh it might hurt your feelings, but if you think how it happened it is sometimes funny. Once when I was mad at Savvy she said something funny that made me laugh, and I couldn't be mad anymore.
  •  For Fathers day we are going to West Virginia and will camp and rock climb on the New River Gorge. So I will have lots to write about when we get back! 
  • Thank you everyone who follows me or writes comments! It is very encouraging that I am not just writing stuff no one ever reads. :) Please have a good day and God bless!

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