Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Does the Cross Mean to You???

  • It has been a fun week and more adventures are coming! #1 I ran for the first time 3min without stopping! I am soo very grateful for God giving me the strength there. #2 I got to lead climb last week! I am practicing while I'm clipped into two different ropes, but our coach/gym owner decided that if he belayed us we could lead belay on only one rope. #3 Tomorrow we are going on the river! I just love going on the river, it is one of my favorite activities. #4 Today is a beautiful day! Our whole family got to go on a walk, and it was just sooo fun! We were able to check out the train station at the end of one of the trails. My foster sister was having a awesome time as well in her pouch thing (you put it on so your baby can sit in the front of you). There are so many things God has blessed us with it is really hard to think of them all, and if we did we would do it for the rest of our lives.
  • Something happened the other day when we came back from our run. I found a cross that goes on a necklace. Well when I got home I got on my email and opened up my email devotion from Voice of the Martyrs. What it said is amazing...(I've highlighted the part that stuck out to me).
 “If you do not denounce this Jesus, you will die on the cross,” Governor Aegaeas fumed. This Christian had caused him personal embarrassment in the eyes of Rome by spreading Christianity throughout the governor’s Greek province and even to his own wife.
  •     “Had I feared the death of the cross, I should not have preached the majesty and glory of the Cross of Christ,” Andrew replied.
        “Then you shall have it! Crucify him!”
        As Andrew approached the X-shaped cross, he joyfully proclaimed, “O beloved cross! I rejoice to see you erected here. I come to you with a peaceful conscience and with cheerfulness, desiring that I, who am a disciple of him who hung on the cross, may be crucified. The nearer I come to the cross, the nearer I come to God.”
        Andrew hung, bound to the cross for three days, preaching and exhorting the people before him, “Remain steadfast in the Word and doctrine which you have received, instructing one another, that you may dwell with God in eternity, and receive the fruit of his promises.”
        Andrew declared, “O Lord Jesus Christ! Don’t let your servant who hangs here on a tree for your name’s sake be released to live among men again; receive me into your kingdom.” Then, having finished his plea, he gave up his spirit to God.

  • Porcelain. Sterling silver. Twenty-four karat gold. Even platinum. The cross comes in a number of designs today. Jewelry. Wall hangings. Even rearview mirror d├ęcor. The ubiquitous cross. For all its popularity, however, how many Christians have stopped to consider what it means to display the cross? For one, the cross represents an instrument of torture—imagine having a gallows or electric chair on display in your home! The cross reminds us that Christ died a painful death. Beyond that, it represents a bridge that spans over the sin that once separated God and his people. Jesus brought us back to God through the Cross. Right now, consider what meaning the Cross holds for you.
  • I hope everyone can think of blessings God has given them everyday. And when you see a cross you will think of Jesus- who died for YOU.

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