Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God and You. Together Forever. In His Creation.

  • It has been really cool the past few days. I was able to go kayaking on a UMA trip (http://www.urbanmountainadventures.org/), and it was amazing looking at all of God's creation! Everyone got to see a bald eagle, three otters, a deer and more creatures! It wasn't too hot, and everyone went off jump rock ( to see a few of older river pictures go to the website and click on "Pics") While everyone was jumping off the rock I was rock climbing underneath. It was soooo cool! Thankfully if I fell it was not on the rock, but into the water! Yesterday me and my sister rode horses bare-back for the first time! We wanted to before, but never got the chance. It was really fun (even when you are falling off :) or holding your horse back from a canter)
  • I feel like I should share this devotion I got today.
  • "Together Forever"
   'O God, Your are my God; early will I seek You."
-Psalm 63:1 (NKJV)'
    When you first wake up in the morning, think of Me. Remember My promise to be with you always. In fact, I have been watching over you all night long, I know it is hard to think clearly first think thing in the morning; your mind is still half-asleep. But I am wide-awake and waiting for you.

   Those first few thoughts in the morning can be anxious ones. Did you finish you homework? Are you ready for the test? ARe you ready to face your parents, that teacher, that vully at school? What if this happens? Or that?

   Don't start your day with all those questions. They only make you more anxious and worried. Start with Me. Whisper My Name and invite Me into your thoughts. Suddenly your day will be brighter as you realize you don't have to face it alone. We will deal with things together. This you-and-I-together promise helps you face the day cheerfully- with confidence.

  Read on your own
      Psalm 5:3; Philippians 4:13"(devotion from "Jesus Calling for kids", page 188, date June 29)
  • P.S. I have added some new pictures onto the "Picture" page. :)

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