Tuesday, July 17, 2012

God Is So Good!!!

  • These girls that used to live next door to us moved, and Savvy and I where always on the lookout for them for two years, and finally Mamma found them (With the help of God) and they came to our house! I missed them so much and when they moved I asked God to let us see them again and He did! (I don't care about the wait 'cause if He answered right away it wouldn't have been as memorable). We also brought them on a camping trip with UMA (http://www.urbanmountainadventures.org/) We all had so much fun! We learned lessons like God being our power source, and we need to plug into Him, and a lesson of God being like our life jackets, and holding us up. (because we were using life jackets while we swam in a lake, and we had lost our power for a few days in June) They were awesome lessons! When we went to the lake some of the girls were a bit scared of jumping off the dock, but they all did it! 
  • Daddy is climbing Mount Rainer at this moment (July 17th) and I believe he is already at the top. (not 100% on that, but I think he his) He was doing a fund raiser for UMA and he went with 4 other people. They're trying to raise $1 for each foot.  Each of the climbers paid their way so all the money goes to the ministry.  
  • My foster sister is starting to teethe. You can feel her 2 bottom teeth coming in. We thought she was teething for a long time, and finally near the end of June we finally felt them. She is now 8months and 9days. Her hair is SUPER DUPER curly! When her hair is growing one side will be really long curly hair, and on the other side will be smaller curly hair. She grabs eveything she can, and that involves things like paper (but we don't let her have it for long!).
  • We are going to D.C. this weekend and I am really excited! I can hardly wait. We are going to see as much as possible and that is nearly all I have been thinking about! We are going to see the panda's at the National Zoo as well. I am going to take a lot of pictures, as soon as I have time I will make a page of them for you. And just so you know I finally got the baby horse pictures of a foal and its mother I saw on my page "Pictures".
  • God bless!!!

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