Sunday, July 29, 2012

How Amazing God Has Blessed Us

  • We have had a wonderful yet busy couple weeks. Saturday and Sunday everyone but Daddy (because he was in Washington/Oregon) went to D.C. and it was a blast! We were all over the place. On the first day we came in at Union Station (the history of that place is amazing, and there is even gold on the roof inside!). Then we took a metro to the National Zoo and that was awesome! I loved seeing the panda's they are such an amazing animal. After staying there a little while, we then went back and saw the Washington Monument and walked to the World War 2 Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. We then returned to Union Station and walked in a circle looking for our hotel (which after asking a taxi driver the hotel we were looking at was straight in front of us!) We had been in such a hurry to not be out after dark that I had forgotten about supper! (we had been snacking almost the whole time here and there) We went to the resturant inside our hotel, and I got alligator sausage! It was delicious and tasted like any other sausage I've had. After supper we went to our room and got ready for the next day. (We even massaged eachothers feet because they were tired). The next morning we got up and went to the capitol. (You could see it from the outside of the hotel) after the capitol we went to the Air and Space musuem (but we stopped for a second at the Botanic garden) after that we went to other musuems such as:Natural History museum, American History museum, and National Archives building, We couldn't stay very long in them bacause we didn't have enough time. My favorit was probably the American History Museum. I wasn't a big fan of the Natural History museum. The only thing I liked there was a few of their dinosaur skelotons. In Air and Space musuem I was able to touch a moon rock! That was fun, and it was very interesting. Later that night we went home and although I wouldn't have minded staying longer I was very glad to get home. A few days later Daddy came home and that was so fun! Today is his birthday and we are going to take him out to eat. On Thursday as his present though we took him and the volunteers of UMA repelling (so they will be comfortable when they take the kids) That was soooooo very fun and I got to go two or three times (I can't remeber which), and everyone got to see the sun set. We were repelling at Ravens Roost in the Blue Ridge Mountians, and you could see a beautiful view there! Tomorrow I have to run 22 minutes straight! I have never in my life run that much without a break. The most I have run is 10 minutes (and I ran a mile in that amount of time). I may have to repeat that over, but I pray to God everytime it gets hard because I know I can't do it without Him!
  • Everyone have a wonderful day and God bless! 

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