Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pray for the Persecuted Church

  • Amazing how everything is. In America alot of people who have everything they need will think that everyone is just like them. I thought like that for a while until I realized that other countries are not. Sometimes its hard to grasp the truth. We aren't always affected if something happened to the church in India which was bombed and pastor and his family died. That doesn't happen on a normal base here so we can't always think how that must of effected others. People are having churches hidden all over because if they are found they could be put in jail or worse. In America we usually don't even think of someone coming in our home by force and then shooting you because of your faith. Now that sometimes might happen, but not everyday. I just ask that you would do one thing today. That you would pray for the persecuted church. That they would be filled with the Holy Spirit, and they would be strengthened in Christ. They need encouragement! Write them a letter at or  
  • God bless!

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