Friday, July 20, 2012

The Secret of Being Content

  • Well I am trying to write a bucket list (100 things I want to do before I die) and I am not doing to well. It is fun, but it is harder now that I am on number 33. I have taken some ideas from because they are really good ones and I want to do them :).
  • Daddy made it safely off of Mt. Rainer! But, two of his partners got sick. One before the climb and one after. So please pray!
  • Today we are doing something that you aren't suppose to do until your 16... but, I am going to tell you... Savvy and I are going to drive! (in an empty parking lot of course) I am really excited about that!
  • Does anybody know if the National American History Museum in D.C. has anything from Star Wars? I sure hope they do 'cause that would be cool.
  • Below is a section from my devotion today.
  • Anna was put in an asylum because she wouldn't leave Christ and the judge thought that was crazy.

  •   “I greet you all with love in our Lord Jesus Christ,” Anna wrote from inside the asylum. “I pray to God that he will make us beautiful and perfect in Christ and that he will take charge of all our affairs. I firmly believe that God who created everybody’s heart and who examines all the affairs of mortal men will judge my dispute with the idolatry of atheism and will execute his judgment and justice.”

  • Christians may sometimes find themselves in crazy situations that try their patience and test their character. A difficult living arrangement. Confounding office politics. A rebellious child. Can we remain confident in God, no matter our circumstances? We can if we know the secret of contentment. The Bible teaches us that our inner sense of contentment must rule when facing outward circumstances. Our attitude takes its cues from God, not our situation. Otherwise, we risk becoming as confused as our circumstances. Take a lesson from Anna. Instead, ask God to teach you the secret of being content despite your circumstances.
  • Isn't that amazing? I hope we can all learn the secret of being content.
  • God bless!

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  1. Hope you had fun in D.C.! Hope to see you girls again soon!


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