Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adoption as well as Blessings

  •  I recently saw on this blog a really touching video. It is only five minutes long, but it shows how a girl (in her teens) being asked if she would like to become a part of a forever family. It is a must watch!.....  A beautiful video!  Also here is another adoption video.....   Adoption is really amazing! My family will hopefully be able to experience it on November 17 (National Adoption Day!) when we should be able to adopt my 9month old baby sister (she will be a year November 8th and we got to meet her November 14th). I pray that all will go well and smoothly.
  • How many of you have ever had your church do an outreach that you gave to? You might be asked to donate a backpack, $5 to buy supplies for homeless people etc. and you may even pack things, and it might be a little tiny thing. Today my sister and I recieved two backpacks full of school supplies for free. When I got this backpack I was soooooooooooo thankful! I was especially blessed when I saw the contents! (I will leave a list at the end if you are curious about the contents.) All of those things were such a blessing even when they don't seem like it to some. After I recieved my already filled backpack I wondered if the people who did this really know how thankful I was for it all. I pray that God will bless all who gave their time and money to get me that backpack!
  •  I read this story today and it is really sad. I ask that you would pray for all of the people involved, that if they don't know Christ that some will be saved through this.
  • A Syrian pastor wrote to tell us how encouraged he was to learn that many people are praying for Syria. He said his city still has electricity and water despite the continued fighting there. "The city is still closed, and hills of rubbish are spread everywhere," he wrote. "As for bakeries, few are open, but hundreds of people are waiting their turn and fighting for bread." It takes between five and 10 hours to get bread. The pastor wrote that one of his church members gave him several loaves as a gift. "You can imagine the gifts we are giving each other these days!" he wrote. His church has been meeting regularly, spending the entire service in prayer. "One of the very tragic situations is seeing people with some of their stuff on the sidewalks ... wondering what to do or where to go because they lost their houses or ran away because of the fights," he wrote. "Please keep praying for us." 
  •  God bless!

  • The List
binder, notebook, pens, 125 pieces of paper, pencils, erasers, highlighter, colloge ruled notebook, colored pencils, index cards, index card holder, folder, those things that seperate your papers, and last a backpack (the kind that are popular with older kids I guess. They are a bag on draw strings).

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