Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gospel For Asia (GFA)

  • I just finished reading "No Longer A Slum Dog" by K.P. Yohannon, and let me tell you it was amazing! (I think this book is a five star!) While reading the stories about what happens there in India is sooo sad! I teared up in while I thought about how the Dalhits and OBC's (those are two of the lowest classes) are treated. Here in the United States those kinds of things aren't normal.But throughout all of that I was truly touched by all that God is doing through Gospel For Asia!!! (GFA) Another one of K.P. Yohannon's books is also an eye opener "Revolution in world mission" I read this book last year I believe and I am about to reread it. I hope you have a chance to read those two books! (you can order them for free at the website below). If you haven't heard of GFA here is one of their sites...  Gospel For Asia ... It is a Christian organization and 100% of the money goes to the outreach! GFA also helps by giving education to children, training missionaries, gives things like bibles, tracks, sewing machines, and they help in a lot of other ways too! Please check out their websites!
  • God bless!!!

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