Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What I have been doing this weekend

  • Well, Saturday the 20th, I woke up at 6:30am and asked Daddy if I could run in the 5K that was raising money for the Freedom 4/24 organisation. (Their goal is to help rescue young girls and women and show them the love of Christ, skills, and more under 24 hours). He agreed and so we headed out the door in the time of 15minutes (baby and younger sister included. Mamma wasn't home). On the way there I was trying to find $14 in coins because I already had $10 in bills. By the time we were there we were racing the clock to register, but we finally made it. When I was in line I was a bit worried and wearied about if they didn't have a coin machine because we were going to have to REcount the coins all over again, but thankfully the took credit cards so I didn't have to pull that bag of coins out! :)  I finished at 33.59 minutes, and I didn't really have to stop (I stopped only for about two or three seconds total). After that our family went straight to Charlotte, NC so I could climb in a competition, in which I made 4th in my age group (13 and 14yr olds). Once they were past a few announcements we left, and made it home by 12am!
  • On Sunday evening a group of girls and I went to the church up the street and wrapped shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, and total there were about 68 boxes!
  • Yesterday when Daddy got back from taking a group of boys camping he was showing us how a bow drill works, and after about an hour of persistence he finally started one! He said that he'll probably start practicing a bit more. (we had to watch a video to get the fire started not long afterward).
  • Here is a song for you all, and God bless!
  • Song sung by Mandisa: These Days...

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