Saturday, December 15, 2012

Is Our Life Goals/Wants What God Really Has In Store for You?

  • Life seems to be always busy. I've been amazed at how much my mom does now, and what she had to do when I was born. I can hardly imagine how she was able to take care of me while driving, cooking, or even trying to get bills paid and such with a baby. At times it just "is" and other times when you think about your life you are amazed at it. When you are trying to get on with your life you may have ideas for your life, but they aren't really for you.
  •      When I was a few years younger I really wanted to adopt a little sibling from another country. I was looking through stuff and would say that I wanted to adopt that little girl or boy into our family, but that didn't happen. A couple years ago we did the process to do Foster Care. When we finally got a little girl we all thought we would adopt her, because we had never experienced this before, but in our hearts we knew she would go back, and she did after she had been with us for 1 1/2 years. Then last November we got our baby sister that we adopted on November 17th. I didn't realize until a little while ago that we were REALLY adopting. Just like we were adopting a kid from another country. It felt a bit weird. But I realized that the Lord was preparing me for the fostering and adoption that have and are happening. I really would love to have a whole house full of little kids. Whether they are my little siblings or my own.   
  •     At the age of ten I looked at one of my Bible school pages they gave you talking about the lesson. On the right page near the top there was a picture of a girl close to my age now in India, I believe. It said her name (which unfortunately I forgot) and "She wanted to become a teacher. Instead she became a slave". I was hit by the reality and wanted to go over and by her so she could be free, bring her into the states so she could get an education, and be able to do her dream of teaching. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do this. Little did I know that the saying under her picture would pick up the want for a few years. As a little girl I wanted to be a Registered Nurse. Then at the age of ten, after I saw the picture, I wanted to be a missionary and dropped the idea of becoming an RN. Many, I think, thought it was a season of wanting to be a missionary. But no, it was an opening of a want to do it so very much. Now at the age of thirteen I realize that I can be an RN, missionary, AND get my pilots license. But, only if the Lord calls me to it. I realize I may never set my feet in India as long as I live, but I really want to go. I may never even leave the US again. (I've been on a mission trip to Mexico, and I so very want to go on another.)  But, I know that the Lord is going to use this longing for His plan for me.
  •      We may have life ambitions, goals, or a plan for our future, but God is in control. Ask him what he wants for your life, and place everything at his feet. Even your burdens.
  • God bless! 

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