Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Slaves To Sin

  • When I look around this world all I see is a bunch of sin and tons of forgiveness. When reading in the Old Testament I am amazed at how much forgiveness and love God gave to the people of Israel. Sure, he got disappointed in them at times, and Israel had to pay the consequences of their sins, but God always gave them another chance. I want to be able to be like Him, and be able to always give someone another chance.

  • Slavery; There are a couple different ways of slavery. One is owning another human being, and another is being a slave to sin. There are many ways to be a slave to sin. Some do drugs, prostitution and many others. Sadly, prostitution happens in every country, and even North America. Here is some info I got from Freedom 4 24
  • In USA, there is estimated to be tens of thousands of slaves.
  •  13 is the average age of entry into pornography and prostitution in the USA.
  •  Every 10 minutes, on person is trafficked into the USA annually.
  •  In Canada, a girl can be sold for $15,000 and earn her owner over $40,000 a year.
  • 800-1200 people are trafficked in and through Canada every year.
  •   Isn't that so sad? There are many programs that help these young girls and women who are mostly forced to become a prostitute like Love146, and Freedom 4 24. Love146 states that there are an estimated 2 children sold every minute. Pray for all of these woman and children and for all people that are held in slavery. This slavery to sin.
  • Watch this video about how Love146 got started. It is an eye opener and amazing story as well.
  • God bless you all.
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