Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blessings from 2012 and How you can always be working for the Lord.

  • It has been pretty relaxing around the house. I've been reading most of the time, and I'm amazed it is already 2013. I mean, just a few days ago 2013 seemed years away, and the year would never come! Also I have so much to be thankful to God for. In February I got my braces off! In March I was able to travel out West for my 13th birthday and try things like: ice climbing , snow shoeing over frozen lakes, riding a snowmobile, cross country skiing in the dark, visit family (my favorite times), and finally rock climb in the bouldering nationals in Colorado. In June we took Daddy to New River Gorge, West Virginia. In September Savvy turned 10, and she had a cowgirl/Star Wars birthday. in November Isabella officially became a part of our family/1years old, and I wrote a 50,000 word novel (I hope to complete the story and editing soon, but I've been avoiding it for a bit). In December we went to West Virginia, again, (it is such a beautiful eastern state!) for Christmas, relaxed and skied.
  •  I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday, and I love being able to give Jesus a gift, and blessing people. (we give gifts to other's in Jesus' name instead of receiving them).
  • My family and I were talking earlier this evening about whatever you are doing, most of the time it usually ends up that you are doing it for the Lord. For example: if I secretly did the laundry for my mom that gives her time to do other things, and it gives her less stuff to do. Whether we are doing our daily or weekly chores, we can always be working for the Lord. Even if we don't think we are doing anything, it blesses others, and that makes God happy.
  • God bless you all!

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  1. You do such beautiful things for the're not only my Sunshine, you are His. You shine so beautifully~ I love you "Ray". <3 Mamma.


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