Friday, March 22, 2013

Prayer Requests

  • Please take the time to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ!
  • Please pray for Faaris, a five year old who was burned in an accident, Pastor Tana’s five-year-old son, Faaris, was taken to the hospital Monday after suffering severe burns in a gas explosion. The family was unaware of a leak in their gas cylinder and Faaris was nearby when it burst. About 60 percent of the boy’s body is burnt, including his abdomen, back, hands and legs. go here to read the article.
  • Paster, who was injured in a biking accident, Pastor Hira was riding his bike home from a fellowship when he met with an accident, which left him with a broken hand and leg. He is in serious condition, and doctors are recommending surgery for this district pastor, who leads 12 other pastors in the area. go here to read article.
  • Paster hit by moterbike, Pastor Udayan suffered a head injury Sunday during a head-on collision between his bicycle and a motorbike. Although his condition is stable, he has a severe headache and remains in the hospital’s intensive care unit. His doctors are concerned about blood clots in his brain and have referred him to another hospital so he can receive a CT scan and appropriate treatment. go here to read more
  • Pakistan--Christian Neighborhood Destroyed in Riot
      A mob of about 3,000 people looted and burned a Christian neighborhood in Lahore on March 9 after a man in the neighborhood was accused of blasphemy. The riot forced 200 families to flee. Mosque loudspeakers began to broadcast news of the blasphemy charge at 4 p.m. on Friday, March 8, and a mob of extremists appeared in the neighborhood at 9 the next morning. Terrified Christians fled their homes, remembering a 2009 riot in Gojra, Pakistan, in which eight Christians were killed, many more injured and at least 40 homes destroyed. As in Gojra, police in Lahore apparently stood by while the mob destroyed at least 175 homes in the neighborhood over a five-hour period. The man accused of blasphemy is in police custody.
  • Senegal--Brazilian Christians Remain in Jail After Conversion Complaint
      Two Brazilian Christians remain in prison in Senegal on charges of kidnapping and child trafficking. The Christians operated a home for street children, many of whom were members of Quranic schools that force their pupils to sleep on the streets. The home provided food, shelter and education to about 17 children. After one of the youths told his father he had become a Christian at the home, the boy's father made accusations against Pastor Jose Dilson Alves Da Silva. Legal efforts and intervention by Brazilian diplomats have so far had no effect. "This is a prayer subject for all of us," said VOM's field worker in Senegal. "The only person who can solve this problem is the Lord."
  • Turkey--Murder Conspirators Released on Bail
      All but one of the 14 men arrested in a murder plot against Pastor Emre in Izmit have been released on bail, pending the investigation and trial. According to VOM's field worker for the region, "Christians have to work harder than most people to get justice in Turkey, a country where victims need lawyers to push the justice system to pursue justice." Pastor Emre has already offered forgiveness to the conspirators.
  • God bless!

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