Thursday, May 16, 2013

God Blesses Us, Even When We Don't Ask

  • I have rock climbing practice every Tuesday and Thursday, sometimes Saturday. Well, our team is learning how to lead (when you pull the rope from the ground and clip into caribeaners). We all were doing the normal thing. As we were climbing I was thinking, "It would be kind of nice to have a rope to climb in the rock gym." My dad has a rope, but it's kind of long for a 40ft wall, but I was fine with using it if he said yes. Well, God heard my thoughts (I didn't even ask!) and he decided to let me be lead belay certified AND gave me my own climbing rope!!! Isn't God good?! He hears the little thoughts we say to ourselves, and sometimes he decides to bless us. It might not have been a big deal to some people, but for me that was a blessing. 
  • He blesses us with a lot of things, education, family, homes, computers, phones, electricity, running water etc. (I could write tons of books of what we are blessed with). Some blessing are things we need, while others are things that help our life be easier (not that it always is). Look around you. Don't you see God's thumbprint?
  • What little things has God blessed YOU with this week?

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