Friday, May 3, 2013

Thoughts for a Mother's Day Gift

  • What does this mother want most for Mother's Day?

    Hope for Her Child
    In South Asia, Dalits are considered the lowest class of people. They face intense persecution and hatred. Dalit mothers watch as their children:
    • become beggars or daily wage laborers.
    • grow up without any hope for an education.
    • receive beatings from their employers.
    • live without adequate food or proper clothing.
     All the while, they know that they, as mothers, can do nothing to change their children’s fate. They are “untouchable”. But today, you can touch them with the love of Christ.      
    A Mother’s Desperate Longing
    Gayana was only twenty when her husband died, leaving her and their young son, Vikranta, alone in the world. Gayana despaired as she wondered how she would provide for Vikranta. She was no longer welcome at her in-laws home, and her elderly parents were unable to support her.
    Having nowhere else to go, Gayana moved in with one of her sisters. She was so distressed over her situation that she stopped eating and sank into a deep depression.
    Then a neighbor told her about a nearby Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center, a place that offered help to poor children. Gayana visited the center and shared her desperate story with the director. To Gayana’s great joy and relief, Vikranta was enrolled in Bridge of Hope immediately.

    Bridge of Hope Has the Answer
    Bridge of Hope provided Vikranta with everything he needed to attend and thrive at school. Although Gayana found work as a daily wage laborer, she earns only about a dollar a day. Without Bridge of Hope, she would never have been able to provide her son with the education he is receiving.  Gayana is happy and grateful that her son has been given a chance—a chance that many Asian mothers only dream of their children having.


    Thousands Ready to Receive Joy
          20,000 children are still waiting to enroll in a Bridge of Hope center. All they are waiting for is a sponsor. All they are waiting for is you. For just $35 a month, you can provide a mother with the hope she is longing for. Her child will receive
    • a daily nutritious meal.
    • the message of Jesus’ love.
    • a quality education.
    •  a better life than she had.

    To find out how you can sponsor a child today, visit
    This Mother’s Day, sponsor a child in your mother’s honor, and bring hope to mothers who have none.  Visit to find out more.

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