Friday, June 14, 2013


  • My baby sister, Izzy, is, slowly, learning to walk.  For the her therapy we have to hold one of her hands and help her walk. As I was doing this the other day I was struck by the way Izzy was holding my hand. Two things. 1. She was holding it in a death grip. and 2. She trusted me enough to hold on my hand. When I think about this she is showing a couple of things. She clings tightly and at her age (under two) she already trusts people, and it made me wonder if we easily do the same thing with God. When we are nervous or are doing our everyday life do we cling to God to be in His presence every day? Do we trust God enough to hold His hand and let Him lead us down the narrow path? Just think about it. 
  • God bless.  

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