Sunday, July 21, 2013

Camp: Day 1

  • Update: I failed to mention that I went to this camp, hosted by Holler Ministries, to learn more about what it's like to be a missionary. The camp is located in North Carolina, but is set up like an African village, and you go through real life situations.
  • The first day I got to missions camp, I was a bit nervous. (for a few reasons) 1. I didn't know what I'd do while I was there and 2. I didn't know anybody. So we get to the meeting place at 2:30, and I unload my stuff and walk down to the outside porch. So for the next hour or two the rest of the campers and I were doing games so we could learn how to do team work and trust each other. We then had our commissioning dinner and went to the "airport". All of us were new to this, and it was kind of frustrating at times. I couldn't pronounce the capital (Nairobi) correctly and almost didn't make it though check-in. I got upstairs and everything was quiet, except for the few beggars and welcoming man. (I could only understand the hello part). I went and exchanged my "million" dollars. (the pretend money turned out to be more than I thought). I was then arrested for not having my visa and had 200 schillings taken for a bribe. Then I hunted the guy down and asked for my money back, and he said I needed my visa to get it back. I filled out the application came back and we talked a bit, I prayed for his wife, and got my 200 schillings back. By then my bags had been stolen and I had to hunt those down, go through customs (I was accused of having a lighter in my pack) :) Finally got the mark of approval and waited for the remaining campers. We then went to "Africa" and met a village elder, who's words we couldn't understand except simba's (lions) were around in the forest, asked if we wanted chai, and told us that they (his village) wash their face and brush their teeth in the mornings. (That was only after the many blank stares we gave him). Later he explained what he said in English and then we went to sleep in our mud huts (those things were pretty awesome in my opinion) to the sound of guitar music from Shelby, a fellow camper.
    playing a teamwork game

Commissioning meal
Praying before "take off"
Very Encouraging! :)
Welcoming man and beggar
Money exchange
Security after check in
Visa application
Singing through customs.
Thief, beggar, and my stolen back pack. :) 
the village elder
Inside our mud hut! 

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