Monday, July 1, 2013

Ethiopia-Lalisa Mergesa

Ethiopia-Lalisa Mergesa
Lalisa. M.
Please pray for Lalisa. She just lost her husband in December, and is in great need of our prayers.
    If you would like to send her a letter of encouragement please follow the steps below and send them to :

Open Doors USA
Attn: Letter Writing Dept.
PO Box 27001
Santa Ana, CA, 92799

1. Pray
That God would give you the right words and verses to share.
For God to give the recipient strength to persevere and that they
will know the Lord’s compassion and mercy. (James 5:11)
2. Prepare
Write in short and simple English.
Do not dwell on the recipient’s plight or your blessings.
Handmade cards or children’s artwork can be very heartening to
3. Protect
DO NOT mention Open Doors or your home address.
DO NOT include money.
DO NOT mention anything against the government or other

Thank you and God bless

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