Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thank You

  • Today, as our family had guest over, a knock was heard on the door and as it was opened Yaz was there with her hands full. She walks in the door and we greet each other and she hands me three wrapped packages. 
      "I didn't know when your birthday was..." (My birthday was in March, but Yaz was thoughtful and kind enough to give me a gift three months later. A lot of people would just wait until next time if they were late. Just shows you how nice she is!) I open the three packages up she had given me- a painted rock covered in gold glitter and three gems on top, a journal and pen, drawing box, and last, but not least, a shirt that she had beautifully drawn on. Those were some of the best gifts I have ever gotten, and my favorite was the shirt. It was covered all over with sayings, one note she wrote to me was. "You're a very inspiring person to me since I met you 4yrs ago. You love to dance, sing, write wonderful stories, play piano, guitar, and many other things...That's why you have I think the gift of inspiring."
     ~Yaz, that is one of the best things anyone has ever written or said about me. I may not be good at all of those things, but I love getting such a compliment from such a nice person as you! Thank you so much!~

  • Written in my new shirt.

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