Monday, August 19, 2013

"To Broke to Buy a Pizza"

  • One night while we were on vacation my family was going to Wendy's for supper. There was some construction up ahead, so we had to go a different route. As we were driving up to Wendy's I saw a guy holding a sign that said "To broke to buy a pizza". We had passed a lot of guys holding a sign up, but I wondered what would happen if we offered him food instead of money. My family had done it before, someone is holding a sign saying they can't buy food and are asking for money. My parents offer them food, and the people say they don't want food, they want money. But what if this guy really was hungry. Were we going to just drive by him and one day when we are in Heaven the question would be asked. "Why didn't you feed me?" It couldn't hurt to offer him a burger, because at least we tried. I asked my dad if we could order him a burger, and we did. As we drove up to him my mom rolled the window down and said, "We got this for you." The man took the bag and said a big "Thank you!" to where we knew he meant it. It was one of the most rewarding moments. I am very thankful that we stopped to see if he wanted some food. It may have been his only meal that day. So next time you see someone on the side of the road, offer some food. Because you might just meet that person one day and get a great big thank you. Because it's not only the perfect time to demonstrate God's love, but to be a witness. 
  • God bless!

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