Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Help Meriam! Time may be running out.

Below I have copied part of a post that came from "A Place Called Simplicity" If you go to the blog you'll be able to see the whole post as well as enter in a giveaway.  
Meriam, a mother and wife in Sudan is still on death row. She has just had her baby girl, and her 20 month old baby boy with her in prison as well. The father is an American, and her only crime is being a Christian. Please,  I ask that you would help share the news and sign another petition to bring the White House's attention to it... 

..... If a petition has over 100,000 signatures the White House is forced to respond to it. 

All one has to do is register to sign.  There are all kinds of White House petitions
going on a regular basis.  There is no threat to your safety to sign and I have never
been contacted in any way since registering to sign a different petition
 about a year or two ago. 

So here's my question for today:

Would you please sign the White House petition on Meriam's behalf 
and would you then please ask your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, 
and anyone else you can think of to sign as well??  

The sooner the White House petition has the 
mandatory 100,000 signatures -  the sooner 
the White House is forced to respond!!  

And an interesting side note -

Anyone 13 or older can participate 
and sign the White House petition -
it says so right here!!  

Other governments have expressed outrage at Meriam's horrific sentencing...
we need the government {which Meriam's husband is a citizen of} to swiftly

It is said that Meriam will face her 
100 lashes 
in the next two weeks!  

Meriam and her new baby Maya.  

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