Thursday, December 31, 2015


This year has been really amazing. Though there have been hardships, God has really blessed my family. Here is just a little of what I've done this year

Jan: went to a murder mystery dinner -that was fun!
Feb: A HUGE hiking trip with my dad, suppose to be 50, but I think it was like 25 in the end do to the huge snowstorm we got. (which I was so thankful for because I was exhausted)  :)
Mar: Ice climbed in Lynchburg, quite the experience!
My sweet sixteen we went up to New Hampshire to ice climb, stopped in MA to visit family and got some pics that were my great grandparents
We got chickens! (after years of asking my parents finally agreed. I don't think they regret it)  ;)
Apr: Jenny Cote came to Lynchburg! (She's one of my favorite authors. She's so nice)
May: UMA girls got to meet Natalie Grant, and I got to tag along as well. Really cool experience seeing them get to met her personally.
June: Went to Divisionals, along with Savvy, in our "new" RVto Illinios, as well as getting to see a good friend in Chicago area.
Climbed in the New River Gorge.
Summer camp with UMA, good and sad time there.
July: Our amazing RV adventure begins!!!
Savvy climbed at nationals, and celebrated Mamma's birthday in the beginning of the month.
Visited my uncle in OK, that was really cool, even found a fossil!
Went to Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and the Arches (which I visited by myself because no one wanted to see them.
Stayed near the Sawtooths in Idaho, didn't realize there was such a beautiful place there!
Oh! And before I forget, which I won't, my family left me while I went to get postcards (Disclaimer: I told them ALL before I went in. Any responsibility is not on my shoulders)
I climbed Mt.Rainier with my dad, really beautiful and cool, wish it was always like that but it isn't.
Aug: Visited the Olympic coast (so pretty)
Climbed Smith Rock (wouldn't suggest climbing there in the middle of summer, unless you decide to only climb in the small section of the shade there)
Stayed at an AMAZING horse farm in Canada, met an amazing couple who are so very hospitable and kind. (their horses where in Catching Fire movie)
Got my first REAL hot springs experience.
Climbed another mountain with daddy, and did my first outdoor lead.
Visited Devil's Tower, and visited friends in IL and MI.
Sept: Savvy may or may not have gotten a miniature horse for her birthday.  ;)
Oct: Got to see Jefferson Bethke speak at Liberty (!!!)
UMA fall retreat -really fun being the cook for the weekend.
Nov: Izzy turned 4. Visited the Cabin, made Thanksgiving food.
Dec: Visited friends, For Christmas we ate at a Waffle House and Chinese restaurant (lunch and dinner) a bit different than normal but fun.

Thanks God for making all this possible. Thank you Daddy and Mamma for working so hard to give us a great opportunity. To my good friends Chloe, Aubrey, Sami, and others, thanks for being there for me, and even though the distance is huge, it's good knowing you're there.
Hope everyone's 2016 is a year full of blessings, miracles, and joy!

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