Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I haven't posted here in a while, but better late than never, right?  :)

 Life Update:

This past week has been crazy, but overall a good week. We had an event at my church and WE GOT TO TOUCH AND PHOTOGRAPH A LEGIT TORAH MANUSCRIPT!!!!!!! (If you can't tell, I was/am really excited) It was really amazing seeing in person the Scriptures and a Torah scroll that was over 600 years old. (along with other relics) I never realized how much work was put into the copying the Scriptures to keep them accurate. Still WOW about getting to see a Hebrew manuscript in person.

A favorite authoress is mine (aka Jenny L Cote) came up to Virginia to spend time at Red Hill. My sister and I met up with her and some others to have dinner and then attended her writing workshop the following day. She's so nice, and I'm excited for her next book(s) about the Revolutionary War.

Right now I'm trying to prepare for Russia: visa, language, ticket, money, etc. I'm about halfway to my goal. I'm excited to go and can't wait!  :)  This summer is going to be really cool: evangelizing in another country (aka Russia), and going back into wonderful Canada (how my ancestors were able to leave that beautiful country, I'll never know)  ;)
School is coming to an end next week. Weird to think I'll be done after next year, but it has been fun going to a co-op. Can actually get a yearbook with someone other than just me and my sister. ;)
On a sad note, my childhood cat, Princess, disappeared a week ago. Hoping she decided to just travel a little farther from home than normal.

And I'm co-hosting a writing contest with other bloggers! Really excited and I am hoping for some great entries! Check it out on my other blog!

Hope you all have a wonderful week, and to put my limited Russian in use: "Paka!" 


  1. That's really amazing about seeing - and touching! - the Torah Manuscript! How awe-inspiring!
    Exciting, getting to meet one of your favourite authors! :)
    I'm sorry about your kitty. :( I hope she comes back soon.
    And yes indeed, hoping for some good and plentiful entries. :)

    1. It was quite an amazing experience. It was over 72ft!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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