Friday, August 12, 2016

A Tag of Various Questions

So, I have finally come back to the land with internet. I will soon do a post of what I did in Russia with pictures and stuff, but since I have a couple different tags I have to catch up on I am doing one here. (Thanks Raechel for tagging me!)

Name: S-----.  :D
Age: 75 (not really, but I'm not at a liberty to tell)
Role model: the Christian women in my life.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, dreaming, pinteresting (if that's even a word), genealogy, researching, collecting, reading (yes, I do this a lot), hiking, rafting.
Crush: *nervous laugh* Not gonna tell.  :)
Best friend: You mean there's only one?
Favorite band: Band. so more than one singer?...For King and Country, Anthem Lights, Love and the Outcome, Newsboys and many others
Favorite Song: That's like asking my what's my favorite book! I've been listening to Come Thou Fount (All Sons and Daughters) a lot lately.
Favorite Movie: Family favorite is Princess Bride. I know most of it by heart. Out of newer movies, I really enjoyed Finest Hours. That was a good one
Favorite animal:  :D Haha. I do not have one favorite animal (much to my sister's disappointment) but these are my top favorites: cat, horse, dog, dolphin.
Favorite subject: History.
Pens or pencils? A pencil. (for all those mistakes I do)  :)
Summer or winter: WINTER! I love snow, hot cocoa, being wrapped in a blanket, and fires.
Tea or coffee: Um.. So I'm one of those weird people who isn't a must have coffee or tea. If both have cream and sugar I'll drink it, but not without...So I'll go with Sweet Tea
Good day or bad day: It's been a good day. It was hot, but I was at a pool.
Birthday: The end of winter
Tag the follower you’ve known the longest: My sister.
Tag five of your best internet friends: I'm pretty sure they've already done it
Something that makes you happy: stars, music, sweets, hanging out with family/friends
Something you’re looking forward to: Winter! New movies and books coming out, my new cousin, trying to learn the guitar/piano better.
Tell a story in one sentence: There once was a princess and her prince, and they lived happily ever after.
Nominate any number of people: You! if you'd like to do this tag, then go ahead. Let me know so I can check it out

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  1. Fun to read this! And so many 'yes''s to Winter! <3 Counting down the days!! ;)


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