Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas || Christmas Tradition

We have this tradition. One my mom started a while ago. Every Christmas morning, when we wake up, we search for baby Jesus. Our little nativity Jesus is hidden somewhere amongst the house, and all of us sisters take the challenge to go and find Him. Today was the first time my youngest sister really took part in it. Waking up and going out right away to find where he was. Even at my age I still love looking, making sure that my mom hid the firgurine for us too. 

 [Just like that night, when the shepherds searched for the Babe, and then later when men came from afar, we searched, and found Him.]

Today we did something new. We took my sister's horse, decorated both him and the cart, and played Christmas music while we drove him around the neighborhood. Did people driving by think it was wierd to see two girls dancing to music while driving a horse? What they probably thought was more strange was a horse in the city. XD

We watched The Nativity Story. Reading the story again, I have even more questions, and am excited to dig into the word more. Though watching Israel come to live on the Nativity Story was amazing, and I can't wait to see the it in real life.

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What did you do for Christmas? Do you have any family traditions?

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