Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Wrap-Up

I can't believe it's time for another monthly wrap up, but here it goes...

January went pretty well for me. We got some snow for a couple of days, so that was quite enjoyable. (dull, gray and cold days are no fun) It was quite fun to wake up to my little sister screaming when she saw the snow.
My mom baked a lot during this month, and it was AMAZING. Due to some stuff, she decided a while back not to bake frequently so she could focus on other things, so when she baked rolls, bread, and cinnamon rolls, it. was. heaven.
In the middle of January I had a climbing competition, and it was a lot of fun. I had only just started back into training a couple months ago, and was quite happy with my performance. Not only that, but I made it to the national competition, and will be competing in just one week! So I am cranking up my training and trying to stay healthy until then. (which didn't really work out, as I got sick this week XP)
This month was also the winter retreat for my youth group. It will be my last year to take part, and over all it was great. I was able to study the Word more, fellowship with others, and read what the Scripture says about being a woman of God. We studied the passage of Proverbs 31, as well as other passages. Our group found some things that none of us had really noticed before, and that was pretty cool. We also spent a lot of time praying for our nation, and God brought up a few things that we didn't have planned. Reminding us that if our country continues to fall away, that he will remove his blessing, but if we repent and turn from our sin that he will hold back his judgement and pour out his blessing, even though we don't deserve it.


~When your family spends the day picking all the locks in the house just in case....(you never know when you might need the skill. getting locked out of the house for instance)

~Things you never though you would hear your dad say: "Man, nail polish takes forever to dry!"

~*little sister begins to run in the snow*
    Mom: "No running with a shovel!"
    lil sis: *pauses*
              *turns around*
              *walks toward me with shovel outreached*
              *begins to run again once I take the shovel*

~The awkward moment when I tried to put the milk up:
   *pulls out jug of milk*
   *pulls out a cup*
   *pours milk*
   *tries to put milk up and notices it doesn't fit*
   *realizes I'm trying to put the milk in the cupboard*

~When my dad got his drone up in a tree due to an unforeseen breeze at night. A few days later he was able to get it out.

I'm happy to say that I was able to post at a semi consistent rate this month. This is my sixth post for January, so I have to say I think I did pretty good. The two highlights are:
A Poem: The Silent One
A Blogging Bake Off

Favorite posts I read:

Savannah: The Girl In The MirrorHow To Liven Up Your Mentor Character
Olivia: When They Don't Like Your Dream
Cait: 10 Classic Retellings I Want To Read But Don't Exist
Clara: I Don't Want To Just Exist , Your Past Does Not Define You
Julia: To Dance,
Rebekah: 21 Answers to the Question: What are You Planning to Do In Your Future?
Sare: Random Things You Find On Your Phone // The Flexible Ruler


I actually did write this month. For fun. I meet up twice with a friend I'm co-writing with, and was able to up the word count by 1,000 (don't judge. I know I've written more in that time span, but when you both have lives, and are sharing a story, it takes a little more time. Plus, we don't want it to be a messy rough draft, so we're plotting a lot of the time too) 
 I did write part of the new prologue for Changeling. So once that is done I'll let a couple people read it and see what they think. I'm still writing the updated outline for Changeling, as well as the stories before and after, and stuff. Also, I just realized that I don't like writing a particular type of fantasy. I was just thinking about the final contest A. E. Stengl is doing this year, and that I want to try and take part, but that I will probably have it set in the same world of Changeling, instead of the fantasy world I created last year. So there's a rabbit trail.  

What is something you think I should add in my wrap up posts? Your favorite highlight from January? 


  1. gahhh i legit forgot I wrote the "to dance" short story THIS MONTH LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    *walks away feeling rather dumb*

  2. Great wrap-up post, Soleil! Until I saw yours, I completely forgot about doing one, so I guess mine will either be nonexistant or late. XD Or a miracle. ^.^

    That's exciting about making it to the nationals climing competition! I hope that goes well for you! :) And I hope you're feeling better from being sick. My sister and her family were sick recently, and then my Mum got it, but the rest of us have managed to miss it. I can only hope and prays it stays that way!

    1. Thanks Raechel! Yes, I almost didn't publish it in time.
      Thank you! I'm really excited.

  3. OOooo sounds fun, what is a climbing competition? is it like you see how fast someone can reach the top of a tree or rock?
    Hey I'm not judging your word goal, I sometimes don't even have time to get 1k out. But it sounds like your moving forward at a nice speed!

    1. I do indoor climbing mostly, but the climbing competition is basically to see who can get to the top of the problem in 4min. It's a lot of fun, and challenging as well. :)


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