Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looking Back at 2016


I can't believe it's 2017. I mean, it doesn't even feel like twelve months have passed and already a new year is coming. So many things happened this past year. From things like my dad skiing on the city street at the beginning of the year,  to driving our mini in the neighborhood.
 I got to travel to Russia, then go on a trip with my family across the country again. Once back home I studied for my ACT before I  applied to and was accepted to college.
I wrote a first draft during NaNo, which was really exciting for me. I haven't written anything this large since like, 2012, so it was encouraging and exciting to write another story with great characters. I got to get to know some awesome bloggers this past year. Not sure what I would have done without my writing buddies or my sister- who kept me going and helped me write as much I did. (It's a lot more encouraging to write when you have others wanting to read your work when you give them a snippet here or there)
 I was able to hang out with some close friends, and make new ones as well.
My dad graciously allowed for me to keep a kitten that was born this year. (she looks similar to my last cat.)
My love of traveling continues to grow, and am excited for the adventures coming next year.


  • Ice skated  
  • Mountaineered with my dad 
  • Drove Friesans in Canada
  • Visited Red Square in Moscow
  • Rock Climbing at nationals
  • Zip line course with my distant cousins
  • Outdoor climbing and hiking with my family


I listend to a lot of great music this year, and was able to go to some concerts this year as well. I'm one of those people not perhaps the random one) who lives a wide variety of music compared to just one genre. I love old time music like Nat King Cole, Big Band sounds, all the way to modern Christian Contemperary. So you shouldn't  be surprised if one song is a classical piece, and the next is the occasional rap.  (I have never been a huge lover of rap, but I have lately been listening to NF, and have really enjoyed his lyrics)
And I have recently I become a lover of acapella.  (BYU Vocal Point/Noteworthy, Peter Hollens, Bri Ray)


Priceless- I really enjoyed this. Especially liked reading the book, as it gave a little bit more to he story.
Ben Hur- My sister and I fell in love with some of the songs that promoted the movie, so we were excited to finally see it. Wish is was longer, but over all I enjoyed it.
Captain America: Civil War- Not really sure what to put here XD It was good, and I look forward to the next movie with the characters.
Finest Hours- I really enjoyed this movie. It was based on a true story, and it made it even better.
Now You See Me Two- This movie makes me wish I could do more tricks. (they had an epic card scene)
Rogue One- I wasn't too sure how this would be, but then when I started watching it I was really excited. I loved all the comical scenes that were in it (the new droid was pretty witty) and I really liked how they brought back some of the characters from the past movies
God's Not Dead 2- This movie was amazing. About issues that have happened, and most likely will happen again.

Next year I'm excited to see:
the live action Beauty and the Beast,
the new Pirates of the Caribbean,
Spider-Man: Homecoming,
Star Wars VIII.


I alpha and beta read a ton, as well as read published books. According to Goodreads I:
read 43,000+ pages
read 130 books (not including the re-reads or unpublished books)

Favorite books I read published this year:
Shadows of the Storm by Connilyn Cossette
Unblemished by Sara Ella
Byways 8-10 by C J Milbrandt
Heartless by Marissa Meyer
Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
Beyond the Horizon by Jesseca Wheaton

Next year I'm looking forward to:
The Returning by Rachelle Dekker (even though I already read it, it doesn't officially release until Jan 2017)
The Voice the Key and the Revolution by Jenny Cote
Byways 11-13 by C J Milbrandt
Unraveled by Sara Ella


I wrote a short story, worked on another short story, wrote a flash fiction, and a novel. It was probably like 80,000 words or something, but some of it was handwritten, so...
I did NaNoWriMo, and I got 50,300+ words. Still can't believe it, and I'm not even fully done. And do to getting my wisdom teeth out the previous day, I was able to write 12k in 1 day.
Somehow I gave my unfinished rough draft to some writing friends. Still not sure how I allowed that. But in the process I found out something. You know when you share a Google Doc and there are anonymous animals that pop up? Well, there was one that said "axolotyl" I was like "what in the world is that?!" Turns out, it's this little creature:

Image result for axolotl
Weird huh?


So I ended up posting more on my review blog the past couple years, but I'm coming back over here. I'll be just putting reviews/book spotlights on the second blog. I'm excited to post here again, but am not going to stay to a strict schedule, though I may eventually do one in the future.

Posts from this year:
Don't Worry
Miracles, Blessings, and the Faith of a Child
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My most viewed post that was published this year was: Just a Ramble on Snow (which kind of surprised me) 2nd most viewed was my November/NaNo Wrap-Up

Some Favorite Posts: (there were a TON of great posts this year, but I only have room for so many, and my brain may have been fried by the time I went to go looking through all the posts from everyone in the past year)
Burning Youth
Katie Grace


  • I have begun to use Goodreads more recently this year. Wish they had this when I was a lot younger and reading books. Slowly adding to my "read" list, and adding more "to-read" all the time
  • My name was misspelled into two new ways.
  • Took part in my first writing contest this year
  • Found out that you can own a tiger/lion in the U.S
  • Had some weird and random dreams about some people.
  • Got a few laughs from Studio C (They have some great, clean comedy on YouTube)
  • Locked my keys in the car for the first time #oops
  • Began a friends page- still a WIP
  • Tea is now my thing. Coffee, not so much.
  • When my mom made me a dish from Russia.
  • When your younger sister says she doesn't like ice cream.  O.O 
  • You give a younger sibling a small, gold watering can and they think it's a genie lamp

Special Moments:

-Stars and clouds in the sky at the same time one night.
-Seeing the Northern Lights
-Berry picking
-Watching my little sister sit on my dad's lap during the evening outside.
-The peacefulness of a mountain cabin.
-The special place on the back porch with lights and brisk air.
-My writing place in our extra bedroom lit by christmas lights.
-The time where a laughing child held my hand as we ice skated.
-Where God used a girl in another country who spoke a different language to encourage me
-Those moments when I would blast my radio and sing as loud as I could.

Goal's for next year:

*Finish draft 2 of Changeling
*Write a short story prequel
*Write some good poems
*Finish alphaing
*Finish my friend's page
*Have a guest blogger
*Read and study my Bible more.
*Work on scheaduling my time
*Bible journal
*Graduate (had to add this in)
*And this most likely will not happen until the year after, but I would like to go to a writing conference  (RM)
*Maybe try a vlog. O.o

Did you know what an Axolotyl was? What is a special time you had this past year? What is some favorite music you listened to?


  1. YOU DID SO MANY COOL THINGS *really wants to travel and ice skate down the road now* *remembers we live on a dirt road* *sighs*

    omw you posted my heartbeat poem *dies*

    ONWARD TO 2017

    1. Do you guys snow shoe or ski at all?
      Yes I did. XD It was hard to choose, but that one was probably the one I was like O.O
      To 2017!

  2. I still haven't gotten around to God's Not Dead 2, but I've heard it's just as good as the first one if not better. I really want to see it but it just hasn't happened yet. Also, that is so awesome that you read 12,000 words in one day. I generally only have the creativity and motivation for like 3000 words or so.
    I love your blog and I can't wait to continue to read it in 2017! It's always awesome to find other people who are also Christians and you know have similar values as you!

    1. God's Not Dead was really good. Brought up some things to think about.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. AXOLOTL! I love that little guy, on of my favorite amphibians! Man you had a super awesome packed year! Congrats on all your accomplishments!

    Let's see a special time for me in the past year. Hummm... Oh yes when I died... Naa just kidding but I did start my blog and book so that totally rocked!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Its pretty cool. :) yet another unique creature that God made.
      Glad tyouo know you didn't die last year. ;)
      Also, that's some great things that happened in 2016!

  4. YES SO MANY AWESOME THINGS. Especially ice skating, I did that for the first time this year and it was great. :D I'm super excited for The Returning also though!!! And Rogue One- still haven't seen that one yet. :D

    1. Oh yeah! I remember the video when you went skating.
      YES The Returning was really good I thought. Plus her covers are cool. XP

  5. Wow, looks like you had an exciting year! I saw Priceless too and I thought it was amazing. I've never been skiing or ice skating... I know it's kinda weird. Happy 2017! I hope it's as full as 2016 was!

    1. Priceless was so good! I got to see For King and Country not long beforehand, so once I saw the trailer, I knew I had to see it.
      Really? Well, I hope you will at least enjoy the snow. :)
      Thank you! I hope your year goes well!

  6. WOW I LOVE YOUR BLOG GIRL! I found it thought Julia's and I'm totally following! Ben Hurr is such a good movie! this post is awesome:)
    I cant wait to read more! Happy 2017!

    1. Aww, thanks. You're so sweet. Oh yes, Julia is so awesome, and I love her poetry blog too. :)
      Ben Hur was so good! I just wish is was longer XD
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. BEN-HUR OHMYGOODNESS I'M IN LOVE WITH THAT MOVIE!!! xD Like, watch-it-six-times-in-one-week. Massala is amazing. I so totally have a huge crush on him. ;)
    And God's Not Dead2 was really good! As was Risen. Did you see that one?
    Aww, "Beyond the Horizon: was one of your favorite books that was published this year?! *grins* That so totally made my day, girls! *hugs*
    Ahh, sounds like your 2016 was awesome. I can't wait to see what 2017 holds!!! :D

    1. WASN'T IT?! And yes, Masalla is awesome. XD I've only seen it once, but I really want to watch it again. Movie night? ;)
      I had to add it! It is such a sweet story. :)

  8. WOah, this is a awesome post! Sounds like such a fun year:) And you got to go to Russia!?!?!?!? EEEEKKKKKKKK!!!! So. So. jealous.
    Goodness, I have been listening to everything under the sun this past year- most recently, however, is Lauren Daigle. I love her music so so much :)
    You have such a cute blog, and I'm excited to look around and get to know you!
    elissa //

    1. Thank you Elissa!
      Yes I did! Russia was so cool, and I will never forget it.
      Oh, yes *nods* Lauren Daigle has such a beautiful voice.
      Thanks for stopping by! I recently found your blog and look forward to reading your posts.

  9. I think I was stalking during the axolotyl conversation in the Hangout - and OH GRACIOUS it's so cute xD.

    I LOVE all the goals you have for 2017! (and goodness, why did it take me so long to comment on this blog? WELL I'M HERE NOW xD) And thank you for mentioning my post! ;)

    ~ Savannah

    1. I thought so too! And i immediately tried to think of a story to put it in XD.
      (And don't worry, there were so many posts I didn't comment on because they all popped up at once)


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