Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Blogging Bake Off

What happens when you have writers and bloggers come together to bake?
 Well, come find out

One of the things that tends to happen when you have a bunch of people in a chat group that are homeschoolers, and are in large families, is that they know how to cook. I'm amazed at all the stuff my fellow friends can do, and how well they do it. But today, as one of the gals and I were chatting, we decided to do a bake off. We ended up recruiting a couple others, and all baked the same recipe today. It was a lot of fun watching everyone's rolls come together despite being in four different states.

[During my time of baking, I found out that there is a thing called 'celery salt'. No clue that existed, but now I know- and yes, I did taste just a bit. Not nearly as stringy as actual celery ;p ]

And now we have our first baker. She has made these many a time, and it shows. The browning on top looks perfect, and the biscuits themselves look quite fluffy. 

Julia: Finished at approximately  2:48pm

Oh and it looks like we now have our second batch of rolls coming in right now. Nice touch of sprigs to give a great aesthetic touch. I like how she styled them differently to be a scone type look.

Abigayle: Finished approximately 3:30pm

Our third competitor's rolls look amazing. Great memories right here. Feels like I was just transported into another time of where it'd be biscuits and milk.

Jesseca. Finished approximately 5:30pm

And now our final competitor. A nice and decorative display, lightly dusted cheese on top I presume.

Mine: Finished approximately 5:20pm

And now the bake off has come to a close. Whose rolls would you choose???


Don't they all look amazing? ( for some reason my lighting was off, so they don't look nearly as delicious as the others lol)
I am now off to my virtual ship where I will go and taste test for them. (I'm nice like that. No need for anyone to get poisoned tonight.)
Do you think we should do more bake offs? *looks around and whispers* Because I have ideas *nods*

I gotta go. Just arrived to my first stop, and the rolls are running out quickly.

Does one roll look more aesthetically pleasing? Whose house would you want to go and eat at tonight? Have you done a bake off before?


  1. This is awesome! Julia's look amazing!<3 Great job!

    1. Don't they?! She was showing me all the stuff she has made and I am gonna have to go eat at her house one day. We were going crazy over all the different things we could make.

  2. omw this is the best! XD Now we will forever have this memory - basically we are the best writer buddies ever. also IVE ONLY MADE THEM ONCE BEFORE and forgot cheese hahahahahaha

    EVERYONE DID SO WELL *highfives all around*

    1. YES!!! IT WAS SO FUN!
      Haha, I thought you were just improvising. That's what i did with some stuff lol. XD

      *high fives back*

  3. I would want to eat at your house and OFFICIALLY meet my 'twin' ;) - OR basically ALL OF YOUR HOUSES so that I could meet all my buddies :D. All the rolls look so good, you guys did great!

    ~ Savannah

    1. Awww, YES! If you are ever near we need to totally meet up. Or vise versa XD
      *dreams of next year Realm Makers and prays it is near*

  4. Abigayle gets my vote for creativity! They all look yummy, makes me want some homemade soup:)

  5. That all look so good!!! I want one...or two. :P You should definitely do another bake off.

    1. Thanks! I'm sure we'll do more in the future :)

  6. EEK YAY YOU DID THIS AGAIN. *applauds everyone*

  7. *is grinning like crazy* Oh my goodness, y'all are entertaining. XD

  8. Haha, I adore the post! Awesome job on wrangling all the picture together, Soliel!! This was so much fun; we should totally do it again!


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