Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Time to Think

   I've had a few things I've been wanting to post, but I just haven't had time this past week, as I'm preparing for my trip out of town. Technically I don't have time to write a post now, but I'm going to squeeze it in anyway ;)

   One of the things I love most about driving by myself is that I can either drive in complete silence, or crank the radio up as loud as I'd like. It's my free time. I don't have to worry about other people in the car. I could sing as loud as I want, or not talk at all. It's just me. It's a time where I can be filled with peace.
I'm often distracted for most of my day, trying to finish my daily tasks, or preparing for something that is due that week. Any free moment I'm just resting and doing whatever I want.  Driving was no different. I could think what I wanted, or just not really think at all about life (don't worry, I still pay attention while driving XD)

   I get so busy- or think I am- that I forget to take time to pray and spend time with my Creator. It starts off small, but then more and more time is gone. It's one thing I am trying to work on lately, but even so I still end up doing other things that could wait.
Recently I've been doing something different. Instead of just "wasting" my time while I drive, I try to put it to good use. I pray. I usually end up praying for people, whether a close friend or someone who just had a prayer request, and I pray for them until I can't think of anything else to say. Other days I'll turn my radio up and just let the song play, listening and appreciating the lyrics, and then a moment later I may be singing praises out and thanking God for how awesome He is. It may only be a ten minute ride, but it's ten minutes of where I can be in God's presence, away from distractions, and just listen. It's hard sometimes to not turn the radio on and have it as a background noise, to sit in silence. It's not something our culture does. We fill up every moment we have. It's strange to be somewhere where there is no other noise. We might not like the silence because we feel alone, but it is in this same silence where if we focus on God, He will speak to us.

I just want to challenge you to think more about what you do with your time. How much time do you spend with God vs. social media? (I know I need to change my routine so I can read my Bible and pray consistently) Instead of having the radio on for no reason at all, turn it to a song that is worshiping God. Sing to Him with all your heart. Just listen to a song in silence. Talk with your Maker. It may only be for a moment or two, and you may think it doesn't make a difference, but it does. You get to spend that time in fellowship with the One who created you. He wants to know your thoughts and desires. He longs for you to be with him.


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