Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Wrap-Up


This past month was pretty amazing. I had the opportunity to compete at the Bouldering Nationals  (rock climbing) in Utah. I didn't make it to day two, but I still had a blast, and felt like I did a great job from where I had been in the past. I got to meet up with my old coach. Was awesome getting to see him, and I also went and toured at Antelope Island with my dad, which was really cool. The weather was really nice, and we had some amazing views. (it was actually warmer there the first day than when we had left VA. If that doesn't tell you something about southern winters) We had quite the experience trying to get out there, which I'll post about later, but it all ended up good.

I went down and visited a friend and my grandma, who both live a couple hours away. I was so proud of myself for not getting lost while driving through the city. (the new GPS is proving its worth ;)  ) It was great seeing Sami again. She told me about her new book and the series she is working on- which sounds amazing! We talked writer details and then went to searching for treasure in the local thrift shops (I found some great books). I had a fun time with my grandma. We met up for supper and had a good talk. She had been up north, so I hadn't been able to see her for a while.

And on a random note, I went through my keepsake box. Saw all those school worksheets from kindergarden (my only non homeschool year) and the adorable pictures I drew. Was super cute and some of the stuff was quite comical. I found taped pieced of paper and a note my mom put on it saying I made my own Blue's Clues notebook, and a spot for the crayon. I was four years old <3
My two favorite shows when I was little was Blue's Clues and Bear in the Big Blue House. My little sister is watching them now, so it's been cool seeing it be passed down :)


Goodreads added rereading on their website! Now I can reread, and am excited to try it out. I have never reread any books before, so it will be quite interesting I think. (Just kidding. I reread a ton. I've lost count of how many times I've read thru my books. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of times. Who knows)

I got a few really good books this month. And although I have slowed down a bit in reading, I still got in a nice amount of like 17 books. (had quite a long time to read at the airport lol)

*Shiver not listed

And of course I got a new story idea. *shakes head* And it was really random too because I was doing my hair. (writer problems) XD It's really cool though. It's sci-fi or something, which is totally not my normal genre, so we'll see how it turns out whenever I try to write it. This is like, idea three this year?


When you take your phone out of its case and it looks and feels so strange   (what is this?!)

We were in a drive thru and I handed my sister the receipt and all of the sudden showed me the receipt again. Apparently our cashier's name was Kashiana. Kashiana the cashier. *nods*

When your lips feel like they're dying. Even when you slather chapstick all over them (it happened)

When you are trying to choose between sleep and a movie

When you realize that your one page paper is suppose to be an eight page paper, and it's due tomorrow.  O.O (I died)

I got my hair cut, which is a big deal because I love my hair and like it long. I really like the new length though. (Just chop it off!)  ;D

I have been winning quite a few giveaways lately- not that I'm complaining. Just that it isn't normal XD Mostly book stuff, but still :)

You know your at a small airport when the attendant is calling for people to board (going thru all the many different members) and finally says over the intercom after no one gets up "How about is there anyone headed to Philadelphia on flight - ?"

I did NOT drop a Gatorade bottle on top of a woman while putting my bag in the overhead compartment on the plane. O.O  *glances around and hides evidence*

Little Sister

Hearing this conversation:
Sis1: Why are you so cute?
Sis2: Because God made me cute.  <3
How did God make me? Did he paint me?
Sis1: In a wayyy....

"My ears hear dat!"

*is vacuuming in another room*
*hears screaming and sobbing*
*wondering what's going on*
*hears family consoling her*
Turns out she had vacuumed up her dolls pj pants. Very traumatic XD

So there is my wrap up. (A bit shorter than usual, but limited WiFi has been the main reason)


  1. LOL that monster of a vacuum *cant stop laughing*

    and omw you dropped a Gatorade on top of someone? WAHT. SOL. *will not sit next to you on a plane* jk jk XD

    1. It was quite cute XD

      I DIDN'T MEAN TO lol! and the flight attendant kept bringing it up

  2. Wow, your book list is awesome! <3

  3. Oh gracious, this was so much fun to read! I loved reading about your February - and Kashiana the cashier is so perfect xD.

    OH WOW - a eight page paper that you thought was only supposed to be one page. That would have majorly freaked me out, especially that close to the deadline xD. GO YOU for getting it done!

    I hope you have a wonderful March, twin! ;)

    ~ Savannah

    1. I'm so glad you liked it :)

      And yes! It was very stressful, but I got it done XD

      Thanks! You too twin!

  4. I have finally found another person who likes to re-read books xD I do that SO MUCH.

    OMG. YOU ROCK CLIMB. That's soooo cooool. I'm thinking of trying soon!

    Awesome wrap-up!


    audrey caylin

    1. I never realized how uncommon re-reading was for a while lol.

      Yes I do! And you should totally try it. It's a lot of fun :)

  5. Glad you had a good February! Rock climbing in Utah sounds like quite the adventure! How nice that you got to see your old coach, and meet up with your grandmother and friend. :)
    Nice list of reading-accomplishments! The only one I've read of those is "The Cautious Maiden", which I loved. :)
    Great wrap-up post!

    1. Thanks!
      After I read your review, I wanted to read "The Cautious Maiden" I really like it! :)

  6. Great post, Soleil!! Haha, loved the randomness. XD

  7. Can't get over the vacuum story! *dies of laughter* This was a great wrap-up!


  8. You rock climb? That's so cool! I have a few friends who REALLY like it.

    You read 17 books?! What!! That's ridiculous. I love that you have a randomness section. :D

    Great wrap-up! I hope you have a great March! :)

    1. Yes I do! I love it a lot. Quite a rewarding challenge.
      haha yes, I read 17. Not too crazy, but definitely more than January.

      It's a lot of fun to write the randomness section, and everyone seems to like it, so I will continue to add it in my wrap ups :)


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