Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wrap Up


   Where to start. I guess I'll begin by saying, "I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL!" *dances around* I graduated from school and now have the whole summer to conquer the world. XD  I'll be attending college in the fall, so there's also that. (It's such a cute campus. I really love it and am so excited and nervous about it.) This month went pretty well actually. We had my graduation ceremony, and then the party a week or so afterward. My grandparents were all able to come and visit for a week, so that was really cool to see them again, and to have them see my graduation. I even was able to go to prom, so that was a lot of fun.

   Also, I got a new phone! There's a long and complicated story about my previous phone (which was only like 14 months old) but the short version is that it no longer would be able to serve me. I ended up switching phones, and now am the owner of an Apple. So yeah, it's been nice figuring out all the cool stuff on it. (rose-gold is such a pretty color) I feel like I have a complicated life because everything seems to have a long explanation lol.

   On a travel related note; I was suppose to go on my graduation trip in July, but it ended up getting canceled. Though I'm bummed I won't be able to go on that particular trip, I am super excited for Plan B. My grandmother and I are going to be going on my new trip this upcoming weekend (so soon!), and I can't wait. (If you follow me on my social media -Instagram/Facebook- you'll see where and what it is before I actually post about it on here) It was really last minute, but am so glad it worked out, and that God has provided for the trip. There were a lot of things that could have not made it enjoyable, or possible.


I ate a candy bar before going to bed, and it was delicious. Whatchamacallit is now my favorite. <3

I am saying words incorrectly more often-so I got to play it off cool (yay)

Guy from my youth group calling me and not realize he was talking to me until 10 minutes later. Very awkward conversation

The moment when my heart stopped while in the library. I looked over to see someone standing in front of a bookshelf with no head. I was so freaked out for the half-second it took me to realize that they had their head was turned sideways. (I tried to get a pic, but she moved and I was trying not to appear stalkerish)

Sending a letter to a friend in Europe, and her getting it. (was so nervous it wouldn't go to the right address since we don't speak the same language XD)

Friend: "I think the icing on the cake is melting."
Me: "Nah. That's just the water affect of the ocean."

Savvy: *gasp* "My foggied window!" *silence* *crickets chirp* ..."I mean. My window fogged."

Savvy: (talking about mom) "How long has she had this cough?"
Biz: "A couple days. A Lot of couple days."

(So this is like a "thing" Savvy asks every so often now. Biz's responses get cuter each time)
Savvy: "Why are you so cute?"
Biz: "Because God made me that way because he wants me to be cute, and he wants cute kids so he made them that way."

Biz: "Can I put water in the gun?"
Dad: "No, you do not put water in the gun."
Biz: *gets toy and shoots Savvy with dart gun*
Savvy: "Wow. That actually hurt"
Biz: That's 'cause it's a real gun"

Biz: "Did God make our eyes by getting marbles and painting them?"

Biz: (explaining to us her conversation with Lacy our cat) "'So here's the deal. I'm looking for Buttercup. Have you seen her?' And she was like 'No. Have fun looking for her' and I was like 'Ok. Have fun licking your paw.'"

Biz: "I need to eat lots of candy so I can be sweet."

Also, I had a couple people that asked commented, but I still have room for some more if anyone wants to enter some questions for my Q&A post. I may answer it in a video....but that's only if I get enough interest XD


  1. CONGRATS ON FINISHING SCHOOL AND GRADUATING! Good luck with college! I will also be attending college in the fall, but its an out of state college, and I'm getting super nervous about being away from my family. XD But I am looking forward to it!

    lol. Thats hilarious about that guy calling you! I bet that was super awkward! XD

    Ohhhhh! You're doing a Q&A!! Heres some questions:
    1. If you could be in any musical, which one would it be and which character would you like to play?
    2. If you could time travel, which time period would you go back to?
    3. What is your favorite Pinterest board, out of the ones you have created on Pinterest?

    1. Thank you!!!!

      Haha. Yes it was. Thankfully I haven't seen him since lol.

      Ooh. I like the questions! I look forward to answering them XD

  2. That was a great post! I'll miss having you in class with me. :)

    Okay, so can anyone ask questions or am I excluded because I'm your sister?


  3. Congrats on graduating high school! Good luck with college. I hope you enjoy it. :) And, have fun on your trip! It's great the you can do that, since you other trip got canceled.

    So I know I say this like every time, but I absolutely love your randomness section. It's hilarious every time. :D Do you write those down after they happen, or do you just have a really great memory? ;)

    1. I forgot my questions. Oops. :P

      1) How did you find out that you actually liked to write?
      2) What inspired you to start a blog?
      3) Do you prefer the city or the country?
      4) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

      You should totally do a Q&A video! :D

    2. Aww thanks. It's my favorite section as well XD I have an amazing memory and can recall everything that's ever happened. Just kidding. I usually write it all down after it happens.

  4. Congrats again on graduating! Sounds like May was a lot of fun! Oooohh college, now starting that is always fun!

    AAAaaahahaha a headless person! I have to try and pull a prank like that someday!

    wait she shot him with a dart gun? I hope it was a toy dart gun :{

    Ohh yeah I forgot to comment those questions on your "five year" post (by the way congrats on that!) okay sooo I'll just leave 5.

    1) What's your favorite genre to read/write in and why?
    2) What is your favorite kind of music?
    3) Are you more of a winter or summer person?
    4) What is the coolest place you've traveled too?
    5) Are you excided for the new Spider-Man movie?

    1. IKR! I freaked out so bad. Now I know better the next time if I see someone with no head ;)

      Haha. Yes, it was a toy gun XD

  5. Hey Soleil! OK SO COMPLETELY RANDOM COMMENT BUT: You're in my Camp NaNo cabin. *waves* And I may or may not be coordinating something with all the people in my cabin and I need to know if you want to be involved or not. :D (all that was to say: CHECK OUR CABIN XD)

    1. Oh really? Is it on the hangouts or the actual site? Because I left the chat because Ju said she was making another one xP
      *returns back from search* oh cool! It looks really neat. I look forward to it :)

  6. Congratulations on graduating! How'd your trip with your grandma go? Are those your siblings? So cute!

    Question: Can you recommend one great Christian book and one great secular (but still clean) book? Looking to grow my wishlist, although it's already ridiculously long...

    1. The trip went great! I'll hopefully share more info about it in the next post or two. And yes, they are my siblings. :)


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