Genre: Fantasy
Status: Rough Draft
Word count: 50,300
Summary: Inspired by Red Riding hood, this story is full of people who can change into wolves, an assassin who betrays her own kind, a hidden prince, and a twisted queen who will do anything to keep her crown.

Genre: Fantasy
Status: Plotting
Summary: Sequel to Changeling

Genre: Historical Fiction, Contemporary
Status: Plotting
Summary: Two young kids are living a normal life...that is, before they realize that time travel exists. In order to save history, and ultimately, their loved ones, they must travel back to the Revolutionary War to thwart their enemies plans, and save time.

Genre: Fairytale retelling, Fantasy
Status: Second draft
Word count: 10,000
Summary: A wounded princess, a hidden dragon, and a greedy prince. This small tale is different than most, and yet one we all know. Leena finds herself being helped by a dragon after an accident. The two grow close as Leena heals, but soon the time comes for her to return home. Just as she arrives outside the castle, she finds herself held captive by a greedy prince who claims to have rescued her. A forced marriage soon arrives, as well as a threat if Lina does not agree. When all seems lost, she will have to trust the Maker to help her.

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